PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Leaks, Upcoming Features

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Leaks: Top upcoming features which will change the game meta in the new 2.2 update

PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update Leaks: The most anticipated features that will alter the game’s meta-game in the upcoming 2.2 update. Tencent always brings new features including items, items, and collaborations to PUBG Mobile. 

The game is updated regularly and brings new features in the game. PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update is expected to be added to the game in the near future This update will add exciting new functions to the game. 

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PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Get notified of for updates, new features and more

PUBG Mobile has always brought us new and exciting games. And this time , the players will be getting many things since the 2.2 updates will bring the Halloween updates. This is a list of the items you can expect to find from this version.

A New map Nusa: PUBG Mobile will unveil a brand new map in the game, along with 2.2 update. The new map is dubbed Nusa it is tiny map that measures only 1km x 1km. It is sure be the best choice for fights that are short range. There is Ferris wheels and other fun attractions on this map too.

Here’s a list new features that will be added to the game.

  • Look around the feature to find enemy
  • Supply Scan Feature
  • Remote Shop
  • Trace
  • Lucky Backpack
  • Healing Smoke
  • Vehicle Air Drop
  • Gliding Doll

The players are sure to be in for lots of excitement and enjoyment. Be sure to play the new entertainments. This update will alter the game’s meta in PUBG Mobile.

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