BGMI 3.1 update download apk and obb file

Krafton has not yet confirmed the official release date for the BGMI 3.1 update, but it is expected to arrive in last week of March 2024 or first week of April 2024. This aligns with their usual schedule of releasing major updates every 2 months, and given that the 3.0 update was launched in January 2024.

Expected Features:

  • Theme: Rumors suggest that the update may feature an Arabian Nights theme, which will feature new visuals and potentially a themed game mode.
  • New weapon: The powerful P90 submachine gun which has a built-in holographic sight is expected to join the air drop pool.
  • New Point of Interest (POI): A new POI called Nimbus Island can be added to the map, offering a unique challenge with high-level loot.
  • A6 Royale Pass: The next season of the Royale Pass is expected to be A6, which will add new cosmetic rewards, including a female 100 RP outfit.

Additional Comments:

*It’s important to remember that these rumored features are based on leaks and speculation. The content may be different from Krafton’s official announcement.
*Since BGMI is a separate version of PUBG Mobile, the exact features and release date may differ slightly from the global version.

Wait for the official announcements from Crafton to get confirmed details about the BGMI 3.1 update.

How to download BGMI beta:

Eager to test the upcoming BGMI 3.1 update before its official release? Here’s how to download and participate in the beta program:


  1. Go to BGMI Beta website ([Invalid URL removed kiya gaya]).
  2. Click on “Download APK” button.
  3. Install the downloaded APK file.
  4. Open the game and log in via “Guest” or “Facebook”.
  5. Get ready to play updated!


  1. Download the TestFlight app
  2. Join BGMI Beta Test Group Link ([Invalid URL removed kiya gaya])
  3. Click on the link in “Download iOS Beta” channel.
  4. Open the link in TestFlight and tap “Install”.
  5. Open the game and log in via “Guest” or “Facebook”.
  6. Get ready to play updated!

pay attention:

*BGMI beta is available for a limited number of players.
*You must be invited to participate in the beta test.
*Beta version may be unstable and may contain bugs.


While the official release date for the BGMI 3.1 update remains unconfirmed, it’s expected to arrive sometime in late March or early April 2024. This update promises a wave of exciting new features, potentially including:

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