Free Fire Latest OB42 Update New Evo Bundle Obtain For Free

Free fire latest ob42 update new Evo bundle obtain for free, friends welcome back of log and .I am here with another article in this article I will give you the latest info about the best action, shooter game whose name is a free fire.

if you don’t know about this game then, I am going to tell you about this game in short this is one of the best action game in which you can play with your friends. and can eliminate the enemies with the different category of weapons so now come on the. topic that.

now FFAPK ob42 update is going to be released with the latest Evo bundle, for free and now you can get this bundle for free and because if you don’t know that there are credits in the game .so the credits in this game are diamonds, and you have to spend the real money to get the diamonds from the free fire officials.

 so when you get the diamonds you can do the wheel spins or can open the crates, so in the crates or the wheel spins when you will be able to get the evo bundle, but now there is a new and the exclusive update is here in the free fire game.

and the update is that now you are going to get this exclusive evo bundle for free just friends, that you have heard right ,now you are able to get it free you don’t have to spend any diamond credits or other real money just you have to obtain it by completing the task and missions.

which are given to you by the free fire you have to go to this event and you can get the list of the missions to complete, and obtain the different items such as when you complete one task where you will be rewarded by the helmet skin.

and then when you complete five tasks you will be rewarded by the premium outfit and this is the sequence ,set to complete the task and obtain the best and the premium items for free in the free fire game.

Get Free Hyperbook Emote In Free Fire

Get free hyperbook emote in free fire ,as I told you that now free fire ob42 update is going to be released with the latest Evo bundle. and in this bundle you are going to get many premium items ,and in the premium items there is a hyperbook which is also going to be added in the list of the premium items.

so if you have to open it completed the task and obtain it if you don’t know ,about the emotes. then emote is one of the best dancing thing in the game you can express your emotions by dancing in the free fire and also in the PUBG game.

 so in the free fire now new event has the hyperbook emote and emote you can use in the lobby or in the matches this is the new and the best way to ,emote which is going to be added in the game so don’t waste your time and obtain it until the time limits and.

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