Free Fire redeem code for Indian server Today’s rewards revealed

Gameday two of the ongoing Free Fire Pro League Winter 2021 has ended. The crowd witnessed six exciting matches in which the teams competed brilliantly, with multiple changes to the overall standings.

Moreover, users also had the opportunity to participate in the FFPL Dream Team event. They can do this by building their own team of professional players to collect points based on their performance, thus earning rewards. Power-ups are essential because they can provide a boost in points and bring many rewards.

A new redeem code has been issued for one of this energy.

Free Fire India server redeem code

  • Redeem code:¬†FFPLWERNSHLT
  • Rewards:¬†1x Triple Captain power-up

Here are some of the pre-available redemption codes for redemptions released over the past few days:


Note: Tokens cannot be used by players all over the world and are only limited to Indian server users

Instructions to get power-up using Free Fire redeem code

Using this Free Fire redemption code is not very difficult, and players can quickly redeem it through the in-game event interface by following these steps:

Step 1: First of all, players need to have access to the FFPL Dream Team Event interface. Users can do this by clicking on the event option and then pressing the go-to button located under the FFPL Dream Team section under the events tab.

Step 2: Once the event interface opens, players have to click on the Power-up Redemption option located in the top-right corner of the screen. A box will appear on the screen where players need to enter the Free Fire redemption code.

Step 3: Players can paste this recovery code into the text field to avoid any possible typing error.

Step 4: Finally, users have to click the Confirm button to finish the recovery process. A congratulatory message will be displayed with the name of the reward offered.

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