Latest air drop carnival Update in PUBG MOBILE

Pubg Mobile Collaboration With Alan Walker

Pubg mobile collaboration with Alan Walker, hello friends I am here with the new article and in this article I will tell you about the collaboration of PUBG mobile,

player unknown battleground game with Alan Walker and you know that Alan Walker has already collaborated with the PUBG mobile in the past but now again PUBG mobile is going to collaborate with Alan Walker.

And this collaboration is very best because in the past when Alan Walker collaborated with the PUBG mobile. The players of PUBG mobile are very happy because Alan Walker is one of the best singer in the world and the theme song of Alan Walker is also in PUBG mobile.

And in the new collaboration of mobile with Alan Walker comes with the new features and the major feature in this collaboration is Air drop carnival ,yes friends now you can get the super drops in the PUBG mobile.

New Features In Air Drop carnival Update

New features air drop carnival update, in PUBG mobile there are many updates and new features comes in the new air drop carnival update and some of them are below,

  1. Now players can upgrade the crate and select what comes in the crate.
  2. Team up rating protection; if you play the match and you were eliminated in the beginning You’re rating will not be dropped in the first two ranked matches in PUBG mobile.
  3. And you can get double challenges  points in matches that you have played with your friends in the first two ranked matches each day.

Best Location To Get Super Drop

Best location to get super drop, friends as you know the new update airdrop carnival has been already released in the PUBG mobile and now players of the mobile game are searching on the internet that what is the best location to get super drops and if you find the super drops you will also get the best and the powerful assault rifle in these air drops.

So the best location to get super drop is the air drop carnival Island and the super drops will be landed on this island you can loot the air drop and you will also find the duck boats around the Island which you can use to get out from the Island.


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