New Features in PUBG Mobile Version 3.0 beta Update

The PUBG Mobile version 3.0 beta update includes several new features and improvements to enhance the gaming experience. Some of the key updates are as follows:

Now we are going to share with you the amazing and latest update about the new version of pubg mobile, we will tell you what new functions have come in pubg mobile because pubg mobile has battled on the latest.

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Exploring New PUBG Beta 3.0 | PUBG Mobile Update 3.0 New Features and Gameplay | PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile latest version 3.0 beta update New Features

  1. Enhanced avatar movements: The update will cause enhanced running, climbing, falling, and aiming down-sight movements. This will produce smoother body movements, improving the overall gaming experience123.
  2. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Improvements: Shots can penetrate vests and bodies to damage multiple enemies in the bullet’s trajectory3.
  3. New themed mode: The update brings a new themed mode, adding a festive touch to the environment12.
  4. New abilities: Players will gain access to new abilities in this update. The Shadow Scout ability allows for the creation of a character clone, confusing adversaries and allowing strategic repositioning. Meanwhile, the Ninja Hook ability allows players to grapple onto buildings and other structures1.
  5. Improved outfit organization: Players can expect improved outfit organization in the inventory, alongside new weapon skins1.

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