How to download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.2 version update on Android

PUBG Mobile Lite was designed so that even basic mobile devices can provide a simplified battle royale experience. The game is well received as it simply needs a minimal level of specs and offers intense and fast gameplay.

The new 0.21.2 update was released a few days ago and players can be downloaded as an in-game patch.

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in India. Therefore, users in the country are strictly advised not to download the game.

Steps to download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.2

You can download the APK file for PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 from the official website and then update it in-game to get the latest version. The steps for this have been provided below:

Step 1: You can first visit PUBG Mobile Lite’s official website. Here is the URL you can use.

Step 2: Next, you need to tap on the “Download APK” button to get the APK file for PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.21.0.

Note: The PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 APK size is around 674MB. On the other hand, you will also have to download around 153 MB of the game patch. To ensure that there is sufficient storage space available on your device for installation.

Step 3: After the download is complete, enable the “Install from unknown source” option and install the file.

Step 4: Then, you can open the game. A dialog box will appear asking you to download a 153 MB update.

Step 5: Once the update is complete, you will have to restart the game to see the new content. You will get the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite.

You can login with your ID and enjoy playing PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.2 version. The new Winner Pass season has also started today.

If you are facing an error message during installation, it indicates that there was an error parsing the package. You can re-download the APK file from the website and then follow the above-mentioned steps again.

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