5 best PUBG Mobile guns for beginners

Tencent Games and Krafton Inc. collaborated to launch PUBG Mobile to the world mobile market in the year 2018. Since it was launched the battle royale game has surpassed other games and has become among the top played games in the world.

With an ever-growing number of players that is growing, developers have added numerous new guns from time the time. This is why it’s important for players who are new to the game to know of the weapons that they can then utilize to increase their kill count and collect chicken dinners. They can also assist players earn more points from every game and help them climb the ranks faster.

5 weapons that can assist the newest PUBG Mobile players experience the most thrilling gaming experience

1) M416

In the past the M416 has proven to be the weapon of choice in the hands of PUBG Mobile players across the globe. It is available in all classic modes as well as arena map. With minimal recoil (when fitted with the appropriate attachments) The M416 can aid beginners in taking down their adversaries with steady sprays.

In addition, players can use an red dot holographic sights for mid-range and close-range fights The 3x scope is useful for sprays that resemble lasers in long distances.

  • The ammunition used is 5.56 millimeters
  • Bullets count 30, (40 when you have an extra magazine)
  • Attachments: Foregrip, Muzzle Magazine Scope Side Scope and an Tactical Magazine

2.) AKM

The AKM has been utilized in real battles for quite a while. It is also very popular with players playing the game of battle royale. A lot of players use the gun in traditional and TDM battles in short-range fighting because it causes damage of 47 bullets.

In addition AKM is also a great weapon for beginners. AKM has no attachments required and is one of the most effective guns for beginners to play within PUBG Mobile.

  • The ammunition used is 7.62 millimeters
  • Bullets count 30, (40 for an expanded magazine)
  • Attachments: Foregrip, Muzzle magazine Scope along with a Scope

3.) Kar 98K

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While a majority of new players would rather shoot with automated weapons, lots of snipers are joining daily to feed their itch to snipe with Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles. The weapon can be accessible across all maps within the game, and very easy to operate. Additionally, the recent boost that it was given in terms of the speed of reloading and damage has transformed it into a deadly weapon to have.

It is available to new players with a 6x, 4x or an 8x scope for the best experience when sniping.

  • The ammunition used is 7.62 millimeters
  • Bullets count 5. (7 plus an additional magazine)
  • Attachments: Magazine, Muzzle and the Scope

4.) UMP 45

Some time ago the makers of the mobile game revamped the UMP and also gave it an increase in damage. They did this by altering its ammunition, from 9mm up to .45 ACP.

Beginning players playing on the battlefields of PUBG Mobile will see the gun on all maps in the classic mode. Hip-fire accuracy is a great tool to aid new players in knocking down their opponents during close combat.

  • The ammunition type used is .45 ACP
  • Bullets count 25, (35 for an expanded magazine)
  • Attachments: Foregrip, Muzzle Magazine Scope along with a Scope

5) Micro Uzi

It is said that the Micro Uzi is a beast in close-range battle. Its Micro Uzi can inflict massive damage to enemies that are in the process of attacking a player and can wipe out the team in a matter of seconds. The high rate of fire will aid novices to make a stand in tough situations as they overcome their fear of losing.

  • The type of ammunition used is:
  • Bullets per bullet The bullets are 25 (35 including an extra magazine)
  • Attachments: Magazine, Muzzle Scope (only red-dot and holographic sights) and an inventory

Note: This piece represents the views of the author. Additionally, PUBG Mobile has been restricted in India since the year 2020. Indian players are advised to stay clear of playing this banned BR game.

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