New Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale for December 2024 leaked

The current version of Free Fire MAX’s Weapon Royale with the Nightslayer Grizzly SVD will be closing in the next few days, and players will be anticipating the next version. The next skin for the gun that is expected to be added to the latest Weapon Royale has seemingly been revealed.

The leak is attributed to KnightClown an incredibly popular data-miner within the Free Fire community who has provided information on upcoming events and things. Find out more about the forthcoming skin for the gun for the battle royale game.

Kingfisher Kingfisher Song of Hana may become the ultimate gun skin for the Free Fire MAX weapon royale

Weapon Royale is one of the numerous Luck Royales in Free Fire MAX and is specifically focused on gun skins, which is evident from the title. The Luck Royale is refreshed every several days to give players an array of.

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In an earlier Instagram posting, KnightClown shared with his audience a sneak peek at the forthcoming Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale. If this information is believed to be true it is true that this game’s Kingfisher song of Hana Song of Hana is offered as the prize of the day within the next few days of the Luck Royale.

Kingfisher gun Kingfisher gun is inspired by the black and purple color scheme. It brings exciting capabilities on the market, like more damage and greater range without sacrificing speed of movement. The combination of these attributes makes the assault rifle powerful in delivering more damage over a long distance.

The games in Weapon Royale game aren’t for completely free. You must spend diamonds in order to spin the wheel or purchase the Weapon Royale Voucher to be awarded rewards randomly in the reward pool. One spin costs 40 diamonds. A package of 10+1 spins costs 400 diamonds (the cost of spinning is dependent on your server).

The players aren’t assured of winning Kingfisher or Song of Hana in a certain amount of turns. But, the chance of winning increases when they spin the wheel, increasing chances of winning the prize of the biggest.

It is vital to know that the release of Kingfisher song of the sea Song of Hana in the next Weapon Royale game is just an unconfirmed leak. Garena has yet to announce its release. Therefore, the readers should consider the information provided regarding it with some caution.

Sales of Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale

Garena generally brings at minimum one spin to Luck Royales a few days before the conclusion of the tournament, thus decreasing the price of the spin by half. This is a great opportunity for players to get the gun skin.

In the end, players might be expecting a sale on Nightslayer Grizzly SVD very soon. However users can also look forward to a similar deal regardless of the coming Weapon Royale.

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