How to make stylish name in Free Fire (2024)

Free Fire is one of the handful of Android games to have achieved one billion downloads on the Google Play Store. The survival shooter game developed by Garena has an enormous number of active users, along with its MAX variant , and has been played even though it was launched in the year the year 2017.

It is, however, hard for players to make a mark from the huge fan base in Free Fire. Thus, acquiring an attractive and distinctive FF name is among the most effective steps players can adopt to preserve their distinctiveness when playing Free Fire or FF MAX.

The next section will provide an instruction on how to design stylish names for Free Fire in 2024.

Garena Free Fire nicknames: How do you choose a distinctive and trendy IGN in 2024

Picking up a stylish nickname is easy as players can utilize websites like Nickfinder ( or Free Fire Name ( These websites assist users in finding fashionable and trendy names from the suggested names. Additionally, you can alter the fonts after exploring several nicknames on the websites.

Besides the websites mentioned above, users can employ a site like Lingojam ( to generate stylish fonts and symbols, provided they already have a name in mind. To gain a better understanding of the creation of fashionable names in the case of Garena Free Fire or FF MAX the users must adhere to the guidelines below:

1. Copy the preferred name using the “name generator” website. Apart from the suggestions you can also create an IGN that you like.

Step 2. close the browser on your device and then launch the Garena-powered Battle Royale game application on your device.

Step 3. Sign in to the game using the desired alternative. If, however, you’re already registered, click on the screen to launch the game.

Bind your guest account one specific system to make sure that all your game data is kept online. If not, your guest ID may lose the game’s progress when you uninstall or update. In addition, guest ID will not allow an synchronization feature with FF or FF MAX, so you’ll require two accounts to log in to two BR games.

Step 4. Once you’ve joined the game, click on the banner for your profile and then stay in the Basic tab.

Step 5: Hit on the edit icon next to the username, and then paste in your new username.

Step 6 Step 6: To confirm the change you can you can either make a payment of 390 diamonds, or make use of an “Name Change Card” which costs 300 guild tokens.

The option to change your name is less expensive, however only those who are members of the guild are able to redeem it through The Store’s “Guild Point” section. In addition to the Store Name Change Card, Name Change Card is available at any time. Name Change Card occasionally appears at special in-game events and you should be on the lookout for the identical.

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