New Free Fire Evo AC80 gun skin leaked

Free Fire and its MAX version are extremely popular around the globe. But the thrilling Battle Royale mode is not the only reason for the fame that Garena-backed survival games have amassed over the years. The distinctive in-game collectibles have been a major factor in the success in each FF along with FF MAX.

Developers have continuously added new cosmetics to the game via patch updates, events and regularly optimized features. Additionally, leaks suggest the launch of a brand new Evo gun skin to the well-known markman-style rifle AC80. This Evo gun skin is known as AC80 Scorpio Bane. Scorpio Bane, but its release date has not yet revealed.

Fans can anticipate the release of a new Evo AC80 gun skins within Free Fire after OB38 update

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The date of release for Scorpio Bane AC80 is unknown as of now, however, it is expected to be available within the game following the release in the OB38 patch update for FF as well as FF MAX. As an Evo gun skin, AC80 – Scorpio Bane can be upgraded up to seven levels of design, effects, and other attributes.

Thus, players will need to wait until January 2023 to receive confirmation of the launch date for Scorpio Bane AC80. Scorpio Bane AC80 in the Garena-backed Battle Royale shooter game. This is significant as this version of OB38 version is scheduled to launch on the 11th of January, 2023 i.e. the final day of the Free Fire’s Clash Squad Ranked Season 16.

It will feature a dark gun skin that has Turquoise-colored special effects like smoke and dust that erupts around the body. Scorpio Bane AC80 Scorpio Bane AC80 will have five advantages, that players can unlock when they level up their base gun skin with Evo upgrade options for guns (specific Evo gun tokens for Scorpio Bane skin):

  • New style
  • Kill effect
  • Hit effect
  • The effects of firing
  • Dead announcement

In addition to the improvements and style of the speculated Evo gun skin that is rumored to be coming to Free Fire, It will likely be component of the forthcoming Faded Wheel after the OB38 update’s launch. So, you could purchase it for up to 1082 (for the eight turns) diamonds spinning on the Faded Wheel.

It is worth noting that Garena hasn’t confirmed anything, and the rest of the details are just reports and speculation. So, gamers must wait for a couple of days or even weeks before getting confirmation from the publishers about the release of the new Evo gun skin on Free Fire and its MAX version.

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