Free Fire Winter event items leaked: Cannibal Havoc Bundle, Reindeer Float, and more

A few new leaks regarding events like the Free Fire Winter event have appeared online, providing players with a an insight into the potential items that could be part of the event. The items are diverse, including costumes, emotes and arrival animations, and much more that could soon be part of the battle royale game.

The authenticity to these leaks are enhanced due to the fact they are from an acknowledged Free Fire data miner named KnightClown who is known for leaks of exact details on occasions prior to their release. Find out more about these leaks.

Cannibal Havoc Bundle along with others Free Fire Winter event items Leaked

After the Free Fire OB37 update, the FFWS 2023 series of events has been in the spotlight and will soon be ending. The developers will probably launch another series in the next few days, and it’s anticipated to focus on the theme of winter.

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KnightClown in a variety of Instagram posts, provided players a glimpse of the things that could be planned for players in the near future. This includes:

  • Cannibal Havoc Bundle
  • Jovial Symphony King Bundle
  • Queen Joyful Melody Bundle
  • AC80 Cannibal Crush AC80 Cannibal Crush
  • AUG CANNABAL CRUSH Cannibal Crush
  • Subzero Fryer
  • Gingerbread’s Bane
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  • Reindeer Float
  • Stay warm and stay chilly
  • The End Scythe of Bassline
  • Candy Cane
  • Thunderboom Fist
  • Fullmetal Lightning Backpack
  • Rock on Loot Box
  • Ice-cold Sleigher

However, the data mining company hasn’t yet given the exact procedure to obtain the items. Due to the rarity and appearance of the objects It is reasonable to believe that only a few of them will be available for free, while others will be purchased using diamonds.

It is important to remember that the information provided so have been leaks, and Garena hasn’t publicly made any announcements regarding the forthcoming winter offerings. The leaks must be taken with a pinch of salt, as they are not guaranteed the products will be released during the winter celebrations.

Additional Free Fire leaks

In addition to the items that will be available to be found at the event’s winter party, the data miner has provided information on the forthcoming AC80Evo skin for the gun. Like the current Evo guns, the skin will feature exclusive effects such as kill announcements and an emoticon. According to KnightClown the gun’s skin may be released as version OB38. OB38 version.

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Similar to that, he also released another Weapon Royale skin on The Indian server. The most likely skin will be named Kingfisher the Song of Hana and will be released in a couple of days.

Note: Due to the government-imposed limitations regarding Free Fire, Indian players must stay clear of engaging in the battle royale game. Additionally, players can access the same things in the MAX version too.

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