PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta APK download link and installation guide

Each PUBG Mobile release, Tencent Games has been adding new and exciting features. These enhancements are the primary reason for shaping the game into the shape it is today. Prior to every update, players are given the option of testing these features in the beta stage and helps get rid of any game-breaking bugs.

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta was recently made live, giving players the chance to try out the upcoming games. It comes with a brand-new mode and map, which will surely excite gamers.

Users can test the content in real-time when they download the test version to their devices.

Instructions for downloading and installing PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta by downloading the APK files

Developers have made available the APK version for most recent beta version. Anyone can follow the steps that follow for downloading and installing PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta with no problems:

First step:First users can utilize this link to get access to this page to download the 2.2 Beta APK.

Android (x32) APK: Click here (File size: 653 MB)

Android (x64) APK: Click here (File size: 738 MB)

Users must ensure enough storage space is available on their devices for downloading and then install the APK. Additionally, they will be required for downloading an additional pack of resources prior using the application.

Step 2.After visiting the website Click”Download” or “Download Android Version” to start with the APK download.

Step 3. Once users are successful in downloading the APK and installed it, they need to go to the settings of their device and turn on the ‘Install From Unknown Sources’ option on their devices. You can skip following step, if they’ve previously turned it on.

Users may also think about removing beta version 1.0 on their devices.

4. Then, users are able to download the file onto their devices and download PUBG Mobile 2.2 Beta. The game can be launched and download the appropriate resource pack. There are three options available:

  • Low-spec Resource Pack: 352.5 MB
  • HD Resource Pack: 661.5 MB

The dimensions of these packs could be different.

Phase 5:Finally the users are able to login as guests to use the 2.2 beta version on their smartphones. Users can play with the brand new Nusa map as well as test additional features.

If people encounter an issue with parsing when installing the app, they may return to the download page to download the APK file, and then continue with the steps previously taken.

2.2 beta features

The most recent PUBG Mobile 2.2 beta features a brand-new one-kilometer Nusa map, which is a tourist destination in the tropical region with plenty of supply. The goal is to provide the players an exciting experience and has a duration that is smaller than the previous Livik Map, at eight minutes.

It also includes a brand-new Game Mode called Gear Front, with an overhauled skill system as well as new content. Alongside the two new features, developers will explore more features during the subsequent stages in the test beta.

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