PUBG Mobile 2.2 update: Expected features, release date, & time for all regions

PUBG Mobile was on the market for gaming for more than four years, and is now an extremely played games, played in the hands of millions of gaming enthusiasts across the globe each day.

Tencent the game’s creators have been consistently incorporating regular updates to improve gamers with a better gaming experience. The ongoing 2.1 important version (released on July) has already been an instant hit gamers are eagerly waiting to see the 2.2 update.

Find out more what you need to know about 2.2 upgrade, that includes many new features, including the introduction of a brand new map.

The features that PUBG Mobile players will get in the coming 2.2 major game update

Each PUBG Mobile update adds numerous new features that alter the game’s dynamic. In line with the usual that is expected, the forthcoming 2.2 update is scheduled to bring a variety of exciting elements in the BR game.

This is a look at the top features anticipated to be part of the coming PUBG Mobile September update:

  1. New 1×1 map – Nusa
  2. New characters New characters Riley Sophia and Sophia as well as their own stories
  3. New titles are Superstar, Stalwart Guardian, and Novice Guardian
  4. New Halloween mode, along with Halloween theme
  5. Update to the UI
  6. New mode New mode Gear Front
  7. Vehicle Storage
  8. New and powerful throwable
  9. Mountain bike and the cycle stand
  10. New player launcher
  11. Working Gas station
  12. New crossbow (can cause fires and explosions in homes, as well as vehicles)
  13. New weapon ACVAL — along with an internal suppressor
  14. Chat with text-to-voice in-match
  15. Assist indicator
  16. Knockout effect
  17. Changes in Ferry Pier, Quarry, Pochinki, and Sosnovka Military Base in Erangel
  18. Month 15 Royale Pass
  19. Cycle 3 Season 8

With so many modifications and new features that are scheduled to be included in the September update, it’s likely to draw many veteran players to join the game. Additionally the Halloween mode is expected to be a draw for many new players looking for horror-themed themed battle royale games.

The players from all over the world are waiting eagerly for the latest update to be able to take on the above-mentioned features.

PUBG Mobile 2.2 update due for release on and time

After the popularity of the ongoing 2.1 upgrade, 2.2 update’s launch date is just around the corner. Worldwide players are expected to see the update go live from September 13 to September 15. But, September 14 is believed as the most probable timeframe for the release.

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update’s release date is expected to be on September 14 in different countries around the world:

  • Bangladesh: 6 am
  • Nepal: 5.45 am
  • England: 12 am
  • Pakistan: 5 am
  • USA: 7 pm on September 13 (New York Time)
  • Russia: 5 am – 6 am
  • Indonesia: 6 am – 7 am
  • Japan: 10 am

Every major update released in the game is followed by the developers introducing an entirely new season as well as an updated Royale Pass.The ongoing C3S7 and the Month 14 Royale Pass are scheduled to end at the end of September, meaning that the brand new Cycle 3 Season 8 and the Month 15 Royale Pass will be released on September 21st.

Since updates to PUBG Mobile are released one week prior to the start of the new season , RP and the date and date for the 2.2 update’s release are determined in line with the RP season.

Important That players who are of Indian origin should refrain from playing as it is illegal in the region.

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