Unban Pubg Mobile Facebook Account

Why PUBG Ban My Account

What’s the reason PUBG bans my account? There are 2 methods that could lead to being banned. When you cheat, you’re caught, and get a game data change error or a ban message. In the second, if you don’t see a the error that says data changed,

it means that you have received numerous reports. There are additional conditions as you will find below. In the next article, I will show you how to unban the mobile account of PUBG.

Some guidelines: PUBG Mobile Ban Account

Here are some of the conditions or motives for PUBG Mobile Ban Account.

  • Utilize any cheating device.
  • Utilization by the Third Party Application like VPN, the GFX Tool and others.
  • Change in Data Files.
  • Join forces and play with others.

The moment you PUBG Mobile, Mobile Check Your Account to see if you’ve been banned:

  • If you kill six enemies within three minutes, the backend system will review your log
  • If you kill five enemies in a min, Tencent will manual check your log
  • If your account is older that 200 hours and you have 8 killings or more are required per game is required – manually check
  • If your account has less by 500 days, and you have 10 killings or greater per game is a must – the manual test
  • If your account is less than 1,000 hours, or has 20 deaths or greater per game is a good indicator – the manual test
  • If you receive 5 manual reports for each game, check the manual
  • If there are 6 reports from viewers have been received, you’re dead. not relevant to Global
  • If there are 2 manual reports from teammate Straight ban

Be aware that if you’re legitimate and believe that your account was blocked due to error, then you should get in touch Support service.

How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account

The only method to Unban the PUBG Mobile Account is to Contact Customer Service. Are you concerned that your account was banned due to accident or in error!

Contact PUBG Mobile Customer Service to ask for them to Unban the account. PUBG Mobile Account.

  • Contact via Official Website

Step 1. Click here to access the following PUBG Mobile Customer Service Link

Step 2. Complete all the information in depth

Step 3: Click on Submit Button

  • Contact via Email

Step 1:Login to your Email

Step 2. Click on the compose an email option

Step 3: Write details about your PUBG Ban Account

Step 4: Send email to 17******7d2@8***e.com

Step 5: Click on Send Button

Notification: Don’t forget to include your Character ID when communicating with them.

If your account was blocked for cheating, you have a very slim chance to re-ban your pubg mobile account. Beware of any fraud.

Conclusion: How to Unban PUBG Account

Today, we’ve learned how to remove a ban from the mobile account of PUBG. PUBG is a type of game that considers it to be a game. Don’t make use of hacks. You can play PUBG for pleasure and enjoyment exclusively. This article can help you. Make sure you share your opinions in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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