Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and YouTube income in February 2024

Lucio dos Santos is a Brazilian streamer who is known as Cerol in the Free Fire community. He is a YouTuber who has 7.24 million subscribers. He also co-founded and is the CEO of Fluxo, the Free Fire team, with Nobru.

He can be found streaming battle royale for hours, entertaining gamers with his commentary and skilled gameplay. He has 8.8 million Instagram followers and 3.416 million Booyah Live followers.

Cerol’s Free Fire Max ID and stats

Cerol’s ID is 1814853268 in Free Fire MAX, and he heads the FLUXOGAMING guild. These are the stats for the content creator in battle royale:

Lifetime Stats

The Brazilian star has won 178 of 1407 single-game matches, and has a win rate 12.65%. He has 8106 kills. 4412 of these were by headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 6.60 and a headshot rate of 54.43%.

Cerol has won 12.85% of the 739 duo appearances he’s made up to this point. Cerol has received 95 first place awards. Cerol has 4132 kills, a K/D ratio 6.42, and 2112 headshots at a headshot percentage 51.11%.

The YouTuber has 1265 Booyahs from 5940 matches, which corresponds to a win rate 21.29%. He has 21384 kills and 987 headshots. This averages out to a K/D ratio 4.57 and a headshot rate of 46.24%.

Ranked stats

Cerol participated in a single game, scoring two kills and having a K/D ratio 2 and a 100% headshot percentage.

To earn a 50% win rate, he has been a part of six duo matches and won first place three times. He has a K/D ratio (20.33) and a headshot percentage (70.49%).

He has also not played in a single squad match during the Free Fire MAX ranked seasons.

Notice: Cerol’s stats are subject to change. They were recorded 21 July 2023.

Monthly income

Social Blade estimates that Cerol earns between $812 and $13K per month via his primary channel. Cerol’s annual earnings are estimated to be $9.7K – $155.9K

YouTube channel

Cerol has been uploading content to the channel for several years. He started with Rucoy Online, and then switched to Free Fire. In August 2019, he had one million subscribers and was surpassed by five million by the end 2020.

Over 750 videos have been uploaded by the player over the years. They have received more that 587.52 millions views. In the last month, the player has 20k subscribers and 3.249,000,000 views.

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