When will next Garena Free Fire MAX update be released? Expected date and time

Garena will be focusing on providing regular updates to Free Fire as well as its MAX version, to offer the best experience possible to its ever-growing user base. The last OB36 update was made available just a few weeks ago in September and was well-received by the players. It brought a lot of changes regarding guns as well as characters and.

It’s only just a few days since the update’s release players are already anticipating the next update due to be released in November. Keep reading to learn more about the anticipated release date and timing for the next OB37 update.

Note the date and time listed below are estimates based upon previous updates. They should be taken with the grain of salt.

The next Free Fire MAX update will be available in November

New updates to both Free Fire and Max version will be made available along with the brand new Clash Squad season. This means that they will be released a day prior or the same day. In the event of Clash League Ranked Squad Season 15 coming to an end on the 16th of November 2023, the players are likely to get an update for the Fire Max OB37 Free version the 15th or 16th of November 2023.

Free Fire MAX updates are typically launched in the mornings as in Indian time. The forthcoming OB37 patch is expected to be released between 11:30 am until 12:30 pm IST (GMT +5:30).).

However servers will remain inaccessible until the update is made available because of scheduled maintenance prior to the patch’s deployment. In the past update, Garena took down the servers at about 9:00 AM (IST) (GMT +5:30) but they were not available until 5:10 pm (IST) (GMT 5:30).

After installing the update, users have to wait until the servers return to online. Prior to that any attempt to connect to the server will receive an error message that informs users that the server will be available soon. The only thing gamers have to do is patiently wait until the maintenance is be completed.

Free Fire OB37 Advance Server

Users are likely to get an overview of features before the launch via the Advance Server client. The client is only available to the regular Free Fire and is released about two weeks prior to the release date. It receives much excitement because of its limited accessibility.

People who want to be on the Advance Server will need a specific Activation Code that they can get through registrations that will can be made days prior to the server. Users are currently unable to access the dedicated site, and it will display the “Forbidden” warning.

This Advance Server is an important phase prior to the release of the update because players can give feedback about the latest content and make suggestions for bugs or glitches. They also have the possibility of winning diamonds.

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