3 best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX (October 2023)

Diamond is a game currency that is available in Free Fire MAX that allows players to purchase exciting cosmetics and also enjoy extra benefits. That’s why players have an intense desire to get it, however, many are unable to add diamonds to their accounts on FF MAX since it is a real-money purchase.

There are number of options that non-spending users are able to use to earn free Fire MAX diamonds for absolutely at no cost. However, they must be wary of fraudulent sources and make sure that they only use legitimate websites.

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3 simple ways to acquire Free Fire MAX diamonds for no cost

1.) Room giveaways customized to your room as well as Local Free Fire MAX tournaments

The community of Free Fire MAX is huge. A lot of content creators on various social media sites, particularly YouTube livestreams, frequently. They usually organize diamond giveaways for their viewers who create their own rooms and offer open invitations to viewers watching live.

All they have to do is locate reputable FF MAX content creators and get connected to them through the platform. They then can participate in their own matches to compete for diamonds. Most often, match organizers will maintain diamond prizes in accordance with Booyah and kill the grabs.

In addition, many organizations organize daily scrims as well as tournament matches in the same battle royale name, and offer diamonds as prizes. Mobile gamers are encouraged to take part in these tournaments and earn diamonds based on their gaming expertise.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a platform that allows users to share their views on various topics. Following that, the those who organize the surveys give them Google Play credits.

Free Fire MAX players are able to make use of the app for earning Google Play credits and subsequently purchase diamonds in the game through the in-game top-up centre as well as other promotions like memberships or special drops for players to get more savings.

All they need to do is download the application on Google Play Store, the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or any other trusted source, and then log in. Once they have signed in, they need to wait for surveys to become available for them. Once they’re available they can be completed in a matter of moments and receive a set number of points.

However, it is important to note that completing surveys is very rare and it isn’t guaranteed that they will receive a payment for each survey they complete. It is essential to be engaged on the platform in order for the chance to get more surveys, and take them seriously to ensure they get acknowledged.

1) Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server is temporary FF server managed by its developers. It is used to check for the presence of glitches and errors that might be found in new features to be made available in version that will be released globally in the near future.

The task of finding glitches and bugs is carried out through Advance Server customers. To accomplish this, the developers give them hundreds or many thousands of diamonds they can use on the form of FF MAX IDs.

The developers begin applications for registration to advance server registrations Advance Server almost every two months, i.e., a few weeks prior to each patch update. Anyone is able to submit an application for the Advance Server to get an access code to the exclusive client version and also win diamonds for reporting bugs within the game.

By earning diamonds through these ways, Free Fire MAX gamers can quickly claim Elite Pass offers, make purchases at Mystery Shop events, spin wheels in multiple Luck Royales and more.

In the end, they’ll have to put in a lot of time and even hours earning diamonds free of charge using the strategies described. They’ll have to be patient and maintain an eye on the clock and move forward if they don’t wish to spend cash on buying cosmetics for in-game.

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