How to get Lawless Bandit bundle at 50% discount in Free Fire MAX (only today)

Free Fire MAX provides players with an array of cosmetics available in the game via numerous occasions. Diamond Royale, a popular Fortune-based event, is an excellent alternative to think about when you’re seeking out interesting new bundles. In the Indian server Garena has recently introduced the brand new Lawless Bandit bundle in this segment.

But, Diamond Royale generally requires an enormous quantity of diamonds (in-game currency) and that’s why many players look for deals that will allow them to get into the event. It’s over since Diamond Royale developers have announced a staggering 50% discount on Diamond Royale just for the day of today.

Free Fire MAX is offering 50% off when you purchase the Diamond Royale

The present Diamond Royale in Free Fire MAX comes with a female-only bundle dubbed Lawless Bandit. Lawless Bandit bundle and will be available in the battle royale till next week. Users who are interested have the opportunity to purchase this amazing bundle for less now.

In a normal day, a spin will cost sixty diamonds and 11 (10 spins plus one bonus) spins are 600 diamonds. With this discount of 50% deal, players can enjoy one spin for just 30 diamonds and 11 spins for only 300 diamonds.

Players have the opportunity to win the prize as well as various other prizes in accordance with their luck. Diamond Royale contains the following prizes:

  • Lawless Bandit bundle
  • Magic Cube
  • Magic Cube fragment
  • Flame Fighter bundle parts (Top and Bottom), Mask, Shoes)
  • Parts of the Beach Lover Bundle (Top, Bottom Mask Shoes)
  • Beach shorts
  • Beach Bandana
  • Flip-flops
  • Summer Beaches bundle parts (Top, Bottom, Head, Shoes)
  • A combat bundle (both female and female bundle components)
  • Slippers shoes (Black set Blue set and While set)
  • Shorts (Camouflage, Jungle, Desert)
  • T-shirt (Dislike, Like, Smile)
  • Coupon for discount
  • 50 percent EXP card
  • 50 percent Gold card

Alongside the items listed there are also special character memory fragments that are part of the pool of prizes.

The users of Fire MAX for free need to keep in mind the fact that it’s a lottery-based event and the number of diamonds needed to guarantee winning the prize is not certain. If lucky, they might win the prize in the early stages.

How to spin to receive Lawless Bandit bundle at 50 percent discount

The interested players are advised to follow the steps below to play at a lower cost within the present Diamond Royale:

Step 1. First, you must log in to your Free Fire MAX ID and make sure you have enough diamonds and Diamond Royale vouchers.

Step 2: In the lobby, select the Luck Royale option located in the menu left.

Step 3: You’ll be able to enter Step 3: You will enter the Luck Royale section. Tap onto the Diamond Royale tab to enter the specific interface.

Step 4: You’ll find two spin options available One spin and 11 spins. Click on the preferred spin option. If you’re lucky, you could be awarded valuable prizes, such as that Lawless Bandit bundle.

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