PUBG FREE UC 2023 (10,000 & 99999) PUBG UC Hack, App & Trick

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PuBG Free UC 2023 PUBG Free UC Hack, PUBG UC Trick, PUBG Uc App Link Are you in search of PUBG Free UC Trick to obtain some Free UC on the account of your PUBG Mobile Account? Here are some tried and tested methods to gain PUBG Mobile UC for free.

We’ve all heard that PUBG Mobile is an completely free game that has a variety of exciting features for anyone. But, wait, Can we enjoy Pubg Mobile completely for free?

If you believe that you are able to play the game without cost, you’re wrong. You will require an UC (Unknown cash) to purchasing Season Elite Royale Pass, Gun Skins, Vehicle Skins, Legendary Outfits and for Opening Premium Crates. UC is a currency that can be found in pubg mobile. It allows us to acquire lots of famous objects. It is necessary to spend the vast amount of real cash to gain more UC.

However, everyone doesn’t have the sums of money for purchase UC within PUBG Mobile therefore what can you expect? There is also the option of getting Free UC with a simple pubg free uc hacks and hacks, deals on the internet, and deals. You don’t have to pay more you just need to make use of your gaming capabilities and the brain.

Article PUBG Free UC
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PUBG UC Hack 10 UC, 100 UC, 1000 UC, 5000 UC, 10,000 UC, 99999 UC
Redeem Codes Google Play & PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes
Game PUBG Mobile (Global Version)
Indian Version BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
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What is unknown cash?

UC (Unknown Cash) is in-game currency in Pubg Mobile. Every game has an in-game currencythat was designed for purchasing game-related materials. PUBG includes three kinds of currencies: 1. Silver fragments – these can be made by playing the game. Battle Coins – they can be earned by playing games, and 3. UC is not available for purchase. Uc cannot be obtained through playing games. You have to purchase it from an UC store.

PUBG UC Hack App Download Apk

Let me clarify one thing that we do not provide any type of cheating script, illegal method or any kind of mod app. Here , we have provided a legal method of earning PUBG UC and it’s a method to obtain it for free . That’s the reason we named it “PUBG Hack”. Hack”. With the help of this app you can earn Paytm cash and purchase pubg uc at your preferred retailer using the cash.

WinZo Gold

WinZo Gold is perfect paytm cash-earning application. This can assist you to get free UC on Pubg mobile. In simple terms it is to download it, then sign up for an account, and then play games on it or invite friends to play,

which will grant you cash for your wallet. You can redeem them in paytm that will allow users to purchase pubg ucs from the play store, MidasBuy or CodaShop.

  • The first step is to install WinZo. Download the WinZo app using at the Given Link.
  • Install and open the app on your device.
  • Enter Referral Code Enter Referral Code SAGFB15B
  • After that, click on the the Proceed button.
  • Sign up for your Account and receive Rs.50 as Signup Bonus.
  • Invite your friends and Earn up to the amount of Rs5000 in PayTM cash.
  • And You can use this money to purchase Pubg UCC at a low cost.

WinZo Gold Earnings Proof

Five Methods to Get PUBG for Free UC

PUBG Mobile comes with a range of unlocking tools to aid players customize their clothing, weapons, and various other items. To do this, players must be able to PUBG Free UC in his/her PUBG Mobile using certain procedures. They are as follows:

Method 1 – By using the Elite Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile does not reward gamers with free UC even you are able to plan and beat each game. However, you can receive a variety of benefits and rewards if you purchase Elite Pass. However, you will need to do seasonal tasks at any time you’d like. In particular, you’ll get the chance to get Unknown Cash.

If you already have the Elite Royal Pass from the previous season, you don’t have to buy it for the second time. The first kind of Elite Royal Pass costs you 600 UC, while the other Elite Royale Pass costs 1800 USD for one player.

Method 2 – Via Bonus Challenge

PUBG Mobile players will receive an in-game currency that is interesting or pubg-free UC to purchase different things, such as clothes and Royale Pass via Bonus Challenge. In this case, Bonus Challenge is a system that allows Bonus Challenge system has further two categories that comprise:

India Extra Challenge with Erangel Maps

India Bonus Challenge reward system allows players to show their talents and earn points based on their performance during the game. In other words,

you just need the ability to collect a handful of good battle coins. The most appealing part is that participants can be able to participate in the tournament or challenge through the collection of Bonus Challenge vouchers.

Additionally, in the classic kind of bonus challenge participants can take part in team matches, solo, and duo matches based on their performance. The three different levels in the India Bonus Challenge are:


Beginning players need only the one Bonus Challenge voucher with win points equivalent to 200 and kill points of 15 per opponent. The players will receive the biggest reward, worth 1 000 Battle coins.


The Adept level requires players to earn two bonus Challenge Vouchers and gain points that equal the amount of 450. Additionally, you must score death points in the amount of 30 points per opponent. The most rewarding reward for the stage is 2 000 Battle coins.


At the level of expert players should receive three Bonus Challenge Vouchers with kill points of 45 for each opponent. In addition, the win scores will range from 700 to 700. The maximum amount of reward is 3,300 Battle coins.

Bonus Challenge through TDM Warehouse matches

If you’re looking for quick actions then you must take advantage of TDM Warehouse Matches mode in Bonus Challenge. You can gain a lot of battle points, without having to play traditional games. TDM Warehouse also has three different tournament stages to choose from:


For this event, beginners must only receive the one Bonus Challenge voucher, kill points per enemy 3 times, and 120win points. The maximum reward for the tournament is 244 Battle Coins.


Professional players must possess at least 2 Bonus Challenge voucher with win points of 240 and kill points of 6 per opponent. The most rewarding prize is the highest amount of 480 Battle Coins.


In the event of the expert mode, players must receive three Bonus Challenge Vouchers that have kill points and gain points equal to 3 for each opponent and 360 in total. The maximum reward at an expert mode will be around the 720 Battle Coins.

Method 3 – Google Opinion Rewards

You must install Google Opinion Rewards. You must download Google Opinion Rewards app on your smartphone. The app requires users to complete a handful of the simple surveys across various platforms to earn an award. The surveys offer a good amount of cash as Google Pay Balance.

It is necessary to open the free UC reward app of Pubg application and navigate to the section UC Purchase section. In it, you can purchase UC to earn the balance. Once the user has enough money, they can make use of it to purchase Pubg Free UC and other products available on the Play Store.

Method 4 – Earn Free UC using Flipkart Super Coins

Flipkart Super coins are one of the best ways to earn the PUBG UC free 2021. You will get lots of rewards in the Rewards section at Flipkart and the most loving present will be pubg free UC. If you have the valid flipkart super coins you will be able to get a bundle of 666 Uc without spending any money. To get the 660 uc you’ll need an amount of 350 Super Flipkart coins.

Shop through Flipkart for super coins. If you purchase any item on Flipkart and you receive super coins. Remember that these extra coins will get added to your account on Flipkart when the order is placed successfully.

  • To begin, you must open the the flipkart app on your device.
  • Then go To the Flipkart Plus Rewards section.
  • Pick the Pubg offer on UC and get you will receive 660 UC for Rs.799 at the price of 650 super coins.
  • You’ll be given an redemption voucher from PUBG UCC. (Don’t forget to print the voucher code)
  • Then click for the redemption coupon option.
  • Enter your pubg character id & voucher code.
  • Simple babe! You earn 660UC with 65 cents.
  • Download the app Pubg Mobile Click at the gift icon, and then get your Pubg UCC for free.

Method 5 Method 5 Google Play Gift Card

If you own the Google Play Gift Card code and you want to purchase Pubg UCC for free. You can get gift cards from Google Play for free on online surveys and on websites that sell Google Play gift cards following completion of the survey. When you have an active redeem code you are able to purchase UC by using it.

  • Launch Your PUBG Mobile application. Goto the section for UC’s section, where you can purchase UCC for PUBG.
  • Click on the UC bundle that you wish to purchase.
  • In the next moment, a pay tab will appear on your device’s screen. Then, you will be able to select the redeem code option and enter the Google play gift card number.
  • If you successfully pay to pubg mobile after which the credit card is credited to your account.

The PUBG free UC Hack – FAQs

How Do I Get PUBG for Free UC?

There are many options to receive pubg Uc (unknown cash) to use for free on your account. You are able to participate at online competitions and get the prize, or make use of paytm cash-earning apps such as WinZo Gold, Big Cash and more. Uc can be purchased when you earn wallet cash to that. Midasbuy and codashop are the most reliable websites to purchase Uc for cheap prices.

Can i Download PUBG Free UC Hack App?

You won’t find an apk that can hack Pubg Uc on the internet, and in this way that is not legal. If a company is able to learn about this, they may also take legal actions against you for using a the crack edition or cracked version of Pubg Mobile. To stay clear of such Uc hacking apk, you should utilize legal applications that we have listed here: The Top 20 Recommend and Earn apps to earn PayTM Cash.

Can I Make Use of the PUBG free UC Hack Generator?

Pubg is a free Uc generator. Numerous websites run under this title or topic. But, do they function properly? This is definitely fake. There isn’t a generator or tool available that will generate uc for the form of free and crediting uc for free into the pubg accounts of your users. Therefore, stay clear of these websites.

How do I Download the PUBG free UC Mod Apk?

In pubg mod , there are many features available such as anti-cheat, Wall Hack, Speed Hack No Recoil auto-aiming, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited UC and many more. It is illegal to download any crack-based version. However, you are also able to play with integrity since a clear and clear games are the best way to have fun with your friends.

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