PUBG MOBILE Add a New Map 1.9 Updates

PUBG Mobile hints at adding a new map to the game soon: Here’s everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile may add a new map to the game soon. Perhaps in the next 1.9 updates, players will be able to see a new map in the game. The possibility arose as it does today, a few hours ago, with Crafton on social media handles asking their players whether or not they would like a new map in-game.

This article shares all the details about the post published by Krafton and also shares the opinions of players when a new map is released in PUBG Mobile.

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Here’s why PUBG Mobile can release a new map in the game soon

In a recent development, the developers of PUBG Mobile shared a social media post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook asking players about the theme of the map if they want a new one in the game.

This indicates that PUBG Mobile may drop in a new map in the game anytime soon. As players were amazed by this post, some also commented on implementing bug fixes and glitches instead of adding a new map while others agreed to add a new map with new gameplay ideas.

One user commented “I think a small 2×2 erangel with all the OG Erangel elements, Livik is too much. A little map with only zigzag cues which wouldn’t be as brutal as livik. Some people don’t have that time to play 30 minutes on erangel so they play livik” Only which is very difficult for new players.”

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However, one user voted against adding a new map, and the user said “We don’t need more maps. We can only pick one at a time. Focus on fixing the game. Don’t add more. Fix what’s already there. Glitches, sound, And the ranking system, high ping. Go back to your roots.”

While the community is still in a sea of ​​ideas calculating what will be the next step for PUBG Mobile, the developers are most likely planning to release update 1.9 soon. Thus, fans just have to wait for the 1.9 updates to arrive to see if a new map has been included.


How do I download new maps on PUBG Mobile?

So you have installed the newest update, but you still have issues with the game not downloading new maps. Well, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. You can easily fix this problem by following the simple steps listed below. First of all, make sure that you have enabled the WARP feature on your device. After that, you can simply follow these instructions to download the new map.

How many maps are there in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile has seven maps total. Some are more interesting than others, but the ones that are popular tend to be the most popular. Players will want to know how many of each map is their favorite. The Erangel map is one of the most popular, featuring small towns, power plants, and military bases. Other popular maps include the Library map, which is 8×8 and supports up to 32 players.

How do I change the map in PUBG?

How do I change the map in PUBM? this is an essential question for all gamers who are new to the game. It is a very simple process, and there are some useful tips you should keep in mind. This method will allow you to play in any location, including a place that is not very popular. First of all, you should know that PUBG has two different maps. You can only play one at a time, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your game.

How do I import a PUBG map?

One of the most common questions about PUBG is how to import a map. Luckily, this process is fairly simple. You will need to import the original PUBG map and the one from Erangel. Then, you’ll need to add the corresponding numbers or letters to the files. This process is similar to adding the map names in other PC games. As long as you know the steps to do it, you should be able to load the game normally.

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