Pubg Mobile Latest RPA3 New Three Sets Get For Free

PUBG mobile latest RPA3 new three sets get for free, hello friends welcome back to our blog and another article in this article. I am going to share the latest information about the world famous ,action ,shooter online ,and the multiplayer game whose name is the PUBG mobile also known as a player unknown battleground game.

and now in this game you are going to get  new three sets which have been already in the game .and you can earn them according to your RP and if you don’t know what is RP in the PUBG game ,then don’t get tension because I will also discuss it later in this article.

and now you are going to get the latest 3 outfit sets in the PUBG game and the 3 outfits are different from the other outfits in the game they are legendary, and the premium .and also you are going to get the new gun skin with the upgradable materials.

 and you can use them to upgrade your outfit and also these three outfits are custom and you can collect them at any rank of the RP without any problem ,so let’s continue over article without wasting time.


What is RP in PUBG mobile game ,there are many persons who are going to play the PUBG mobile .now there are many new beginners players in the game ,and they don’t know much about the game such as they don’t know how to obtain the new sets which have been added in the game or about what is RP in the game.

so friends don’t get tension because, I am here to tell you what is RP. because now in the game a new event have been released in which you are going to get a new 3 outfit set according to your RP, so the.

RP rank is that when you purchase a Royal pass or you complete the task your RP bar will be increased so there are points in the RP bar such as 50 ,70 ,80 or the 100 when reached the 50 you are going to get the one free outfit.

and when you reach the 80 rank in the RP bar you are going to get a second ,and in this sequence you are going to collect the latest items which have been added in the event or the update.

and this is called the RP rank in the world famous shooting game PUBG mobile player unknown battleground game.

There New Outfits Sets In PUBG

There are three new outfits have been added in the game of Pubg mobile ,player unknown battleground game, and if you are a player of PUBG game then you know that there are also many outfits are available in the game some of them are legendary some of them premium.

and there are also X suits which are the very premium outfits are in the game, and they can also be upgraded .so now you are going to get the premium outfits in the new event on which you are going to collect the free outfits according to your RP rank.

and if you don’t know about RP Rank just read the previous heading ,so now there are three outfits have been added in the game and the name of those three outfit sets are given below.

  • Gutsy Lass Set
  •  Nitro Maniac Set
  • Luna Howl set

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