PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta APK download link for Android devices

PUBG Mobile V1.7 beta APK Download Link For Android Devices

Before releasing a new update, the developers of PUBG Mobile are beta testing players to check all the new features before integrating them into the game. Now that the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta is out, they can download it and dive deeper into the new content.

Most interestingly, there is no need for an invitation or binding code this time, which means that all users who download the APK can enjoy the new features.

Note: PUBG Mobile is banned in India. As a result, users from the country should refrain from downloading the trial version and run BGMI instead.

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Downloading the PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta version on Android devices

Here are links to 64-bit and 32-bit Android APK files for PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta:

  • Android x64 (64-bit): Click here – 664 MB size
  • Android x86 (32-bit): Click here – 585 MB size

Since the file sizes are mentioned above, users need to note that they have enough storage space on their mobile phone. Also, they have to download additional resource packs.

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Steps for installation

  • Step 1: Users have to download the required version on their Android devices through the links mentioned above.
  • Step 2: Then, once the required APK file has been downloaded to their device, they can proceed with the installation function.
  • (They should enable the “Install from Unknown Source” setting before installing)
  • Step 3: After the process ends, players can play the demo version of PUBG Mobile and then choose between two resource packs – Low Spec and High Resolution.
PUBG Mobile V1.7 beta APK Download Link For Android Devices
  • Low-spec resource pack: 205.6MB
  • HD resource Pack: 368.8MB.

Step 4: Once the required resource pack is installed, they can log in through the guest account and try the 1.7 trial version of the game.

If an error occurs in the parsing, users are advised to reinstall the APK file of PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta. If the problem still appears after doing that, they can download the file again and follow the steps above.

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