Top 5 Best Games Like for Indian players in June 2021 Free Download

PUBG Mobile Lite was a lighter alternative to the original PUBG Mobile. With only around 500 MB in size, the game was perfect for low-end devices that had little space.


The lighter version of PUBG Mobile had a few different things than the original version. BR matches in Lite had 60 players, a smaller map, and quicker matches.

For PUBG Mobile Lite fans, there are several other options available. Many Battle Royale and survival shooter games take up less than 1 GB of space.


Top games like PUBG Mobile Lite for Indian players


NO1: Garena Free Fire Games


Free Fire is the top game in the survival shooter category. The gameplay goes like this: players are airdropped, they loot, and then shoot each other down to survive.

Free Fire features Battle Royale mode along with clash squads. The BR matches last for up to 10 minutes and there are 50 players. The game size is about 700 MB which is around the size of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Free Fire Games Download

NO 2: Badlanders Games

This game by NetEase resembles PUBG Mobile Lite in some ways. The battlefield is filled with 25 players with different motivations. Players can loot other players for weapons and other items or look for them on the map.

All weapons like guns and grenades can be customized. For 758 MB, the game is worth a shot.

Badlanders Games Download

NO 3: Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds is exactly what it sounds like: a pixelated clone of PUBG Mobile. Fans of PUBG and pixelated shooting games wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

With the shrinking zone and elaborate weapons, the game resembles PUBG a lot. It would barely take up to 100 MB of RAM.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds Download

NO 4: ScarFall: Royale Combat

ScarFall takes Battle Royale mode offline. The online BR resembles other games in the genre where players collect weapons, shoot, and survive. ScarFall gives you 3 lives to survive in the shrinking zone.

The game can be played in FPS and TPS mode. Players can install the 378 MB game from the Play Store.

ScarFall: Royal Combat Download

NO 5: Heroes Strike – Modern MOBA & Battle Royale

Imagine a PUBG-style clash of clans and you have got an accurate image of Heroes Strike. The game has all the popular modes packed: Battle Royale, 4v4, TDM and even Tower Destroy.

Heroes Strike has several characters to choose from. Players can join their buddies and form a powerful team.

Heroes Strike – Modern MOBA & Battle Royale Download

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