5 best gloo wall skins to get in Free Fire MAX OB35 update 2024

Garena, a veteran publisher, has created Free Fire MAX, a premium battle royale title. This title offers an action-packed survival experience with different maps and modes. You can also use assault rifles and shotguns in the game’s impressive armory.

Gloo walls are one the most important elements of the title. Free Fire players have the option to use special grenades in order to build defensive walls on battlegrounds. To make the gameplay even more enjoyable, developers continue to add cool skins to the gloo walls. This article will discuss the five best gloo walls skins that you can get in the OB35 Update of Free Fire MAX.

Aurora Core and four cool gloo wall skins are included in the Free Fire MAX O35 Update

5) Stormbringer

Stormbringer is a great gloo wall skin that has an immersive theme. Stormbringer stands out thanks to its radiant green skin and golden dragon mask.

The skin was introduced to players in the Azure Dragon Top Up event. Players were allowed to purchase the skin after completing a top up of 500 diamonds. The Moco Store currently has the gloo wall skin, which can be accessed by players visiting the Luck Royale Section.

4) The Gold Vault

FF MAX players love Gold Vault for its quirky design. Garena introduced this skin during its Reload Target Down event in the second Free Fire x Money Heist partnership. The event offered many other rewards for players, including the skin.

The design of the skin is inspired by a bank vault. It features a central golden wheel surrounded by fortified walls. The rare gloo wall skin Gold Vault is not available in any subsequent events or lucky spins. The skin is eagerly awaited by players who are waiting for it to be available in an upcoming event.

3) Aurora Core

The Aurora Core skin is one the most stunning gloo wall skins in Free Fire MAX. It is very appealing to the eye with its shiny purple and blue colors. This skin was made available for the first time at the Squad Beatz Top Up.

After completing a 300-diamond top-up, players were eligible to receive the skin free of charge. The gloo wall skin has a royal aesthetic and a golden emblem in the middle.

2) Blood Hockey

Blood Hockey skins are brightly colored and can be intimidating to opponents. This skin was added to the 2019 Elite Pass rewards section.

The skin is a favorite of players because it features a red skull graphic and two hockey sticks behind it. It is loved by players for its skull embedded in its center. Gamers love Blood Hockey for their primary gloo wall skin, both in ranked and non-ranked matches.

1) Death Guardian

The Death Guardian is a highly sought-after gloowall skin that can be obtained in the Free Fire MAX OB35 Update. It has a futuristic design and is easily visible on the battlefield.

Since it was only released a few times, the gloo wall skin is only owned by a handful of players. The gloo wall’s most appealing feature is its large size. This allows players to get more protection from their opponents’ attacks.

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