5 most unforgettable missions from GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the most popular title from Rockstar Games and is known for its challenging and incredibly addictive missions.

Some missions were exceptionally entertaining, while others were a bit daunting in nature. This article looks at five of the most memorable that appear in GTA San Andreas.

Wholly enjoyable missions from GTA San Andreas

5) Breaking The Bank At Caligula’s

Grand Theft Auto has several addictive activities for players, but heists are the reason fans keep coming back to the series. Breaking The Bank At Caligula’s was the best heist featured in GTA San Andreas and it generated some memorable moments.

Fans would think gamers would be used to taking on a bunch of deranged thugs by now, but killing the mob while trying to protect the team is easier said than done. However, it is all worth it when the decoy parachutes from the rooftops and escapes in a helicopter.

4) Homecoming

The Homecoming was the final mission in GTA San Andreas, awarded to CJ by Mike Toreno. It is about an epic battle against the Ballas, meeting the newly released Sweet and reestablishing Grove Street Families in Los Santos by eliminating the drug dealers that populate the area.

The homecoming gave players the closure they deserved and made them the most memorable mission in GTA San Andreas.

3) The Meat Business

Trust Ken to make the most reckless moves in the game, despite being the biggest wimp who ever lived. Passed out and loaded with cocaine, Ken decides to visit the Sindacco family at his slaughterhouse.

The objective of the mission is to accompany Ken to the slaughterhouse and kill all the witnesses when Johnny Sindacco falls dead after Carl comes out of the shadows.

2) Reuniting the Families

These types of missions are usually the most fun. Not only are they packed with full-throttle action, but they’re also peppered with a good number of memorable and heartwarming moments.

Reuniting families is one of the best missions in GTA San Andreas. It involved protecting Sweet when the meeting is interrupted by LSPD Police Maverick and destroying the SWAT helicopter.

1) End of the Lines

End of the Lines, being the last mission in the game’s history, is one of the most action-packed missions, given to CJ by his brother and leader of the Grove Street Families, Sweet.

It’s the iconic mission where CJ kills Big Smoke for defecting to the Ballas and stabbing his only friend in the back.

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