How to collect Puzzle Key in Free Fire MAX to get free outfit and more rewards

Light Fest events for Indian Garena Free Fire MAX have been cancelled, but a brand new series based on Halloween is now available. The event is dubbed “Spookventure,” the Halloween special event allows gamers to win a variety of prizes through various methods, including the most current Zombie Invasion mode.

One of the most recent events, dubbed Spooky Treasures, offers rewards that can be redeemed based on game performance. If players accumulate enough Puzzle Keys and earn them, they will be able to unlock prizes, such as an assortment of Luck Royale Vouchers, item cosmetics and much more.

An easy-to-follow guide for finding the Puzzle Keys from Garena’s free FireMAX

Puzzle Keys are a kind of token that can be collected through Garena Free Fire MAX after playing casual or competitive matches (Battle Royale or Lone Wolf). The daily limit to collect Keys through Aftermatch Drop is held at 10. Therefore, players will require alternative methods to collect Puzzle Keys.

In addition to the Aftermatch Drops Players can also participate with Battle Royale mode (ranked or casual) or Zombie Invasion to collect Puzzle Keys. The bosses in both modes can drop as many as 75 Keys. Likewise, during Zombie Invasion mode, some zombies will drop one Key.

When players have collected 50 puzzles keys, players are able to redeem the well-known Cunning Witch Bundle, which Garena is bringing back after a while. The iconic female costume set was first seen for the first time on Free Fire in October 2018 following which it has been seen on numerous occasions.

Here are the parts of the costume set that the players will receive in the set:

  • Cunning Witch (Head)
  • Cunning Witch (Top)
  • Cunning Witch (Bottom)
  • Cunning Witch (Shoes)
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For more information on how to gather Puzzle Keys to collect Puzzle Keys Garena Free Fire MAX, this is a step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Launch the app on your phone or tablet, or on your PC (Android emulator only for users).

Step 2: Login to the game with the link to your Player ID.

Alternately, you can choose the guest account, but it isn’t required to have an option to be synchronized. Furthermore, you may lose any progress made in the game when you uninstall the game, in the event that you’re using an account that is a guest. This is why it makes sense to tie your account in order to protect the game’s progress.

Step 3: Open the Event section by clicking the calendar icon that is located inside the foyer.

Step 4: Open”Spooky Treasures “Spooky Treasures” event by clicking on the Spookventure tab to see the rewards.

You can check your progress throughout the event on the same web page.

Step 5 Start by opening the game mode area from the lobby , and begin playing the matches you want to earn Puzzle Keys.

When you’ve gathered enough Keys to make your preferred reward’s redeeming (50 Puzzle Keys for the Cunning Witch Bundle), end the match and start your account in the Spooky Treasures event to complete the exchange.

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