How to get free 10x Cube Fragments in Free Fire MAX

Magic Cubes are just one of the appealing rewards that are planned to Free Fire MAX members who are on the Indian server over the next days. The first of many Magic Cube missions kicked off today, October 14, 2023 and will provide players with 10x Cube Fragments that can be stored and exchanged to purchase the Magic Cube.

Based on the name it, this Play with Friends event only requires players to participate in a specific number of matches within the battle royale genre with their pals until 15 October 2023, in order to receive the mentioned rewards.

Go through the guide to how you can get the no-cost Cube Fragments from the Free Fie MAX.

Find 10x Cube Fragments in Play with Friends’ first mission in Free Fire MAX

You can earn 10x Cube Fragments simply in playing buddies three times up to October 15th, 2023 in order to be eligible for benefits. It should take no not more than a few minutes to complete the requirements since there’s no difficult task to be completed.

Then, you can exchange 100 of these pieces in exchange for an item called the Magic Cube. They are extremely valuable since they basically mean that you will receive a free dress in the redeem department of the retailer. Follow the steps below to get 10x Cube fragments for absolutely free:

Step 1.Access events on Free Fire MAX and choose the Light Fest tab.

Step 2: Choose the tab Play with Friends from the menu to the left.

3. Click the claim button next to the reward in order to receive them.

Garena will also add 10 of these missions, each with 10x Cube Fragments, which will eventually form an entire Magic Cube. Therefore, it’s wise to not skip this opportunity since it is basically an outfit that is free.

How to Exchange Cube Fragments to Magic Cube in Free Fire MAX

Follow the directions in the next section to exchange your accumulated Cube Fragments to Magic Cube: Magic Cube:

Step 1. Start the redeem section of the store on Free Fire MAX.

Step 2: Choose Step 2: Select the Cube Fragment option from the menu to the right.

3. Click the Magic Cube and then press the Exchange button. Make sure you confirm the exchange, and you will be awarded the prize.

The outfit can be later used in on the Magic Cube tab under the same section to get an outfit that will last forever at no cost.

There are Magic Cube bundles on Free Fire MAX India server

Garena constantly updates the options available in the Magic Cube exchange on the Free Fire MAX India server. You can swap the exclusive cube with any of these outfits available in the game:

  • Magma Bionicon Bundle
  • Bundle Inking Affection
  • Doctor Red Bundle
  • Flaro Tribe Bundle
  • Fury Tribe Bundle
  • Arcane Seeker Bundle
  • Mystic Seeker Bundle
  • Silver Titan Bundle
  • The Colossus Bundle
  • Wicked Jester Bundle
  • Star Gazer Bundle
  • Bladebill Soarer Bundle
  • Snappy Bundle
  • Steel Bundle and the Nerves of Steel Bundle
  • It’s the Operation Elite Bundle
  • Hunger Strike Bundle
  • King’s Sword Bundle
  • Legionaries Bundle
  • Sexy Bunny
  • Crazy Panda
  • Doctor Scarlette Bundle
  • Night Clown Bundle

It is a Free Fire MAX Play with Friends event will take place from 14-15 October and players must take part in three matches with their others in order to win 10x Magic Cube fragments.

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