How to top up cheap Free Fire diamonds for MAX version: Official method

As a way of saying thank you to its millions of players, Garena is giving out free diamonds to those who have upgraded to the MAX version of Free Fire. The promotion began on November 5 and will run until November 12.

To be eligible for the free diamonds, players must first upgrade to the MAX version of Free Fire. They can then redeem the diamonds by logging into their account and clicking on the “Redeem Rewards” tab. The diamonds will be deposited into their account within 24 hours.

This is a great opportunity for players who want to get ahead in the game. The diamonds can be used to purchase weapons, clothes, and other items from the in-game store.

In-game currencies allow players to conduct a variety of transactions, which is why they are an integral part in Free Fire MAX. Diamonds is the game’s top currency, which allows players to purchase exclusive and unique content.

But, diamonds cannot be available to players at no cost and players who want to purchase them must invest the money to purchase diamonds. Before buying the currency, players usually seek out the best bargains. A great alternative is to take advantage of the membership program, which gives diamonds as well as a host of other advantages. Below are details on the exact same.

How can I get inexpensive Free Fire diamonds using a membership (MAX version)

The most cost-effective and practical method to earn diamonds in Free Fire MAX would be to purchase an account. Members can select between a monthly or weekly membership as well as the monthly one Both include a variety of advantages.

Gamers have to pay an amount of Rs159 to purchase a weekly membership. The monthly membership is priced at $799. The benefits of both are as follows:

Membership for a week

When you purchase this weekly subscription, following benefits will be awarded for members:

  • Diamonds number: The diamonds are 450 (100 are delivered immediately and 350 need to be taken in, i.e., 50 diamonds every day)
  • Special Weekly Member Icon
  • Discount Store privilege
  • 8x Universal EP Badge
  • Second Chance (used to compensate for the days that you didn’t check in)

Membership for a month

Below are the benefits that are included with monthly memberships for Free Fire Max:

  • The number of diamonds is 2.600 diamonds (500 are given immediately and 2100 have to be taken, i.e., 70 diamonds each day)
  • Special Monthly Member Icon
  • Discount Store privilege
  • Fifth Chance 5x (used to compensate for the days that you didn’t check in)
  • 60x Universal EP Badge
  • Weapon Skin Gift Box (30-day trial gun skin)

Furthermore, people who buy both monthly and weekly memberships in the same month can enjoy the advantages of the Super VIP membership that includes 15 diamonds each day and an Evo gun token box and many more.

How do I purchase memberships to the Free Fire MAX

The steps required to purchase memberships to the sport are the following:

First step:Gamers need to first start the Battle Royale game on their device and then select the icons as shown below:

Step 2.Two different membership choices for them to select from will be shown on their screen. they can choose between them.

Step 3. Participants can then finish the payment. They then can reap the benefits of becoming an active member.

Other ways to find diamonds at a bargain price

There are two additional ways to obtain diamonds for sale at a low price for Free Fire:

Airdrops that are special: The airdrops will be given randomly following the completion of an event on Free Fire MAX. They are available only for 24 hours, and offer a variety of things, including diamonds for a low cost.

Level-up pass: This pass awards players with diamonds when they complete levels of the game. You can earn 800 diamonds. The cost is Rs190.

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