Free Fire OB37 update and Advance Server: Expected release date and registration process to get activation code

New Advance Servers and updates are one of the most anticipated items for many Free Fire gamers. The latest OB versions are released after two months without updates and this is the same in the case of Advance Servers that Garena schedules before every update.

The next OB37 update is anticipated to be released in November 2023. Meanwhile, it’s Advance Server is starting on 3 November. Fans can therefore sign up on this OB37 Advance Server and witness the previously unreleased content prior to the official launch of the update.

Free Fire Release Dates Expected in the case of OB37 Advance Server and the final update

The official website to sign up for Advance Server is now live. Advance Server program is now up and running with registrations open The testing phase is scheduled to begin on November 3 with the release of APK. APK client. This final version, i.e., the OB37 version, is scheduled to arrive 12-13 days later, which is around the time the Clash The Squad-Ranked season 15.

The date of release is November 15, 2023 however, the release could be scheduled for the 16th of November, the final day of CS-Ranked Season 15. On the day of launch, Free Fire and its MAX variant will be on the maintenance for a short period of time, where players are unable to access the game’s content.

Garena will announce the exact date of release for the OB37 update in the next few days, however, fans are able to sign up and play playing the Advance Server in the meantime.

A guide for registering for the OB37 Advance Server and getting the Activation Code

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to sign up to Advanced Server. Advance Server and obtain your Activation Code:

Step 1: You should open the official Free Fire Advance Server website using the direct link:

Step 2: Check that Your Player ID has been tied or linked to Google or Facebook prior to selecting an option on the site. If you don’t have a account connected either to FB or Gmail connect your account to the preferred platform.

Step 3.Fill your email address into the box and then click”Join Now “Join Today!” button to finish the registration.

The website will take few seconds to verify the registration and then redirect users to download pages.

Step 4: Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to access an APK downloading link of the Free Fire Advanced Server OB37. On the page for downloading, the website will also provide the unique 16-character Activation Code, which you need to copy and paste when installing APK client. Advance Server APK client.

At the end of October 30 you can get your Activation Code but will have to wait until November 3rd to receive access to the downloading link. Download then install the APK and copy your Activation Code to unlock the Advance Server content on the release date.

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