How to get permanent Violet Fear G36 in Free Fire MAX for free

Spookventure events have taken over Light Fest in Free Fire MAX and have become the primary events for players. The most recent addition are King of BR Missions, which basically gives players the chance to win a free permanent gun skin to the game.

The event kicked off the 30th of October, 2023 and will be available to all players until November 1st 2023. You’ll need to complete the daily challenge to gain the G36 — Violet Fear trial card, and, thanks to Weapon Skin Lifetime Progress, you will be able to own the skin for life.

Garena provides a long-term offer of Violet Fear G36 in Free Fire MAX for a nominal fee

The King of BR Missions is already available on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. It is necessary to complete the daily tasks to earn the trial card in order to receive the permanent gun skin. The requirements for the specifics and reward for completing them are as the following:

  • The Top 3 will be revealed in BR One time to earn an absolutely free G36 Violet Fear Violet Fear (20 days)
  • Deal 2000 Damage while in BR mode to receive the free G36 Violet Fear. Violet Fear (20 Days)
  • Five enemies must be killed by using BR mode to earn the free G36 — Violet Fear (10 days)

With the OB36 update Garena has included an updated Weapon Skin that is Lifetime Progression that allows players to have a permanent gun skin. It is possible to accumulate the lifetime progression of a weapon’s skin by purchasing the trial card. Each day during the validity of the skin you’ll be able to earn 1 percent of the progress and once this is at the 100% mark, you are able to keep the skin for as long as you want.

For a lifetime membership to Violet Fear G36, you must purchase trial cards which are worth a total of 100 diamonds. This shouldn’t be too difficult since the event will last for three days and the missions that accompany it aren’t too difficult to complete.

The steps to obtain the permanent skin of your gun in Free Fire MAX

It is possible to get permanently G36 (or G36) Violet Fear by following the instructions in the following paragraph:

Step 1: Launch Free Fire MAX and complete the daily task set.

All of them must be completed in battle royale game mode, without any limitations on maps to choose from.

Step 2.After meeting the requirements, you are able to open the event tab and get the reward you want. The events can be accessed through the calendar icon on the right.

Step 3. Choose the Spookventure tab, then click the King of BR Mission event section.

4. Hit the “claim button” alongside the rewards to receive the rewards.

You have to complete the tasks every day and earn rewards by hand through your event’s web interface. The chance to obtain an enduring gun skin is not very common with Free Fire MAX, and it is important to not miss missing out on this chance.

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