How to get free gun skin and custom room card in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX often introduces diverse deals and occasions to give its players a reward. To broaden the community of players in the battle royale game The developers are currently conducting events like the Refer a Friend event, where players who are already playing will be required invite their friends to join Free Fire MAX. Following this, invitees and guests will both be presented with collectibles in the game.

The game is appealing as both players are rewarded and this makes inviting your friends to join in much easier. The prizes include an the skin of AN94’s gun as well as a customized room card as well as the Ottero pet and the Alok character and many more. However, the prizes are split between invitees and those invited.

However, the benefits for the person inviting it to finish the job. Visitors can visit the following section to know more about the contest.

How to claim rewards on the Free Fire MAX through the Refer to a Friend event

To take part in to participate in the Refer a Friend event, Free Fire MAX players must introduce new players to the game, following the instructions in the following section. But before proceeding to the next step, those who refer must first be aware of the rules to follow while participating in this event and the benefits they’ll get when they complete the event.

Here are some rules to be aware of:

  • Newbies (invitees) are required to have below the level of 5 and must be located in that same zone (server) with the invitationer.
  • Users can help recruit up to three novices and at some point, they can get up to 3x reward points.
  • Both players (inviter and newbie) will be rewarded only when the level of the newbie goes up.
  • Newbies are only bound to a single inviter.

The rewards invitees can expect to receive depending on the level at which novices are at are in the following order:

  • Diamond Royale voucher x2 – Level 5
  • Weapon Royale voucher x2 – Level 7
  • 6-hr unlimited custom room card – Level 9
  • AN94 Carrot Imp-head skin (14-day) – Level 14

Methods to welcome newbies and take advantage of prizes

These are steps you should follow when referring a beginner in the field:

The first step is The first step is to sign in to the FF MAX account using your FF MAX account and then access the section for events by clicking onto the Calendar icon located at the top of the right-hand menu.

Step 2. Then, look for the “Refer to a Friends Now” tab in the menu left and click it.

Step 3: Next click the Go To button and you’ll see an input box asking you for the newbie’s free Fire MAX UID. Simply type in this UID for the user below the level 5.

Step 4: After you’ve entered the information, you will see a message to confirm that the request has been received, and you will have to wait for an answer.

5. The novice is required to sign in using his account on FF MAX and acknowledge the invitation.

All users need to do. As newbies are invited to level up the referrers and newbies themselves will be eligible for the appropriate prizes.

Note: Since September 21st The Refer a Friend event is only accessible on the Free Fire MAX Indian server up to the 16th of November.

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