PUBG 1.9 Update Release Date, Patch Notes, Features, & More Download

PUBG 1.9 update version is set to launch. In this article, we will be covering Pubg 1.9 update release date, patch notes, features, new mods, weapons, and everything.

Pubg v1.9.0 is now available for download, BGMI has over 1 million players. If you are one of them who wants to download the latest version of Pubg 1.9.

Then this article, you will know the detailed information about Download Battleground Mobile India Version 1.9. So, read the article to the end and learn about the procedure.

Pubg 1.9 Update Release Date

Pubg 1.9 update will be released between March 17th and March 20th. The release date of the BGMI 1.9 update is the same as the release date of Pubg 1.9.0. This version will be released soon for both Android and iOS users. You can download and update your game to the latest pubg 1.9.0 after ass once pubg 1.9.0 is released.

PUBG 1.9 Update Release Date & Time

  • Indonesia: 7 AM
  • Japan: 9 AM
  • Pakistan: 5 AM
  • Bangladesh: 6 AM
  • Nepal: 5:45 AM
  • USA: 7 PM (New York Time previous day)

Note: This is just an estimated date and time based on the previous few updates. The developers are yet to announce the details of the new version.

Pubg 1.9 Update APK Downloads

Pubg 1.9 can be downloaded from the original source or from an external source. First, you can update Pubg 1.8 to Pubg 1.9 directly from Play Store without uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Or you can download BGMI 1.9.0 apk from external sources like or any other website.

GamePubg and Bgmi 1.9
Game Versionv1.9.0
Pubg 1.9 Download Size767MB
Pubg 1.9.0 Update Size383MB
Pubg 1.9 Release Date17th March 2022
Rating4.4 Star
Official WebsitePubg Mobile Official Website
Play Store LinkPubg 1.9
App Store LinkPubg Mobile 1.9.0

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.9 beta version on iOS

To download the trial version on the iOS device, players have to follow the same set of steps that they have to do for the Android device, which is already mentioned above. The only difference will be the link to download the trial version will be different. They can download the PUBG Mobile 1.9 beta for iOS here. All other steps to follow are the same. It should be noted that the iOS beta servers may not be up and running yet and it can take some time to get fully functional.

How to download the PUBG Mobile 1.9 beta version APK on Android

To play the beta, players first have to get the link to the beta files, which are available in the Beta Testing server of PUBG Mobile in Discord and the in-game location in the events tab. Players can only download it directly, by clicking this link here.

  • After players get the app, they should head over to the PUBG Mobile app. They can go to the events section. This will be followed by clicking on Invite Beta Test.
  • The app will then redirect players to a website, where they will be able to generate a unique code that grants them access to beta servers.
  • When players log into the beta version of the game, they will get a pop-up box where players are asked to enter the code. They have to make the code that is generated.
  • After completing this step, you will get free access to the beta servers and be able to run the update beforehand albeit on a guest account. It will not take into account any progress on your main account.

Pubg Mobile 1.9.0 Patch Notes

The demo version of the game is actually like a prototype of the game that has not yet finished with the features. This is usually in the testing phase where the game developers are required to test only the final touches to make sure that there are no bugs or bugs in any app.

The PUBG Mobile beta is known among gamers for its early game leaks and sneak peeks. In this section, we will discuss some of the new and exciting features of version 1.9.

  1. Zipline Feature (livik map)
  2. New ATV Quad bike
  3. Riot Shield
  4. Recall defeated teammate 
  5. Revive in water
  6. Security (advance Report features improvement)
  7. Warehouse 2.0
  8. New Game Modes
  9. Changes In Grenades
  10. Melee Throw
  11. Royale pass M9

Royale Arena: Assault

Metro Royale (Image via Krafton)

In this classic royal battlefield, Playzone appears randomly and different areas can suddenly become combat zones. This will allow everyone to adapt to this situation.

Metro Royale: Reunion

Metro Royale: Reunion Mode in BGMI (Image via Krafton)

The developers at Krafton have improved Metro Royale: Reunion.

Cheer Park Upgrade

Image via Krafton

Pubg 1.9 Update Deatails

As we know, Pubg Mobile version 1.9.0 will be released on March 18, 2022. The next update will be one of the biggest updates of Pubg mobile. This update is more important because it will be launched on the 4th anniversary of Pubg mobile.

In this update for Pubg Mobile 1.9 we will receive a new mode like we received on the 3rd anniversary of Pubg.

So far, Pubg has not officially shared any leaks of the Pubg Mobile 1.9 update, so as soon as more information is available, we will update here.

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