Top 5 games like BGMI to play on phones with 4 GB RAM

It’s been nearly one month now since Government of India imposed its ban on BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) because of security concerns. The decision was a significant one that has led to some harm to streaming companies in terms of viewership figures, while the esports industry of the game also been confronted with various challenges.

There are servers running for Indian PUBG Mobile version remain active despite the ban. However, the game’s future is unclear. It makes sense to consider an alternative to BGMI, since it may not work on a wide range of devices.

Today, smartphones that have at least 4GB RAM are very popular within India and are suitable for Battlegrounds Mobile India. To assist players in finding an appropriate alternative to the game that is playable on these devices this list has been carefully curated.

Disclaimer: The list is not presented in any particular order , but rather reflects the views of the author.

What are some good BGMI options for gadgets that have 4 GB of RAM?

1) New State Mobile (PUBG: New State)

Through its PUBG-universe connectivity, New State Mobile automatically becomes the first game to be included in this category. It was previously called PUBG: New State, this game is backed by of the same company that created Battlegrounds Mobile India. Therefore, the experience isn’t too unlike that of the Indian PUBG Mobile variant.

The difference is that New State Mobile offers the latest technology in a familiar battlefield environment. The design of the graphics are slightly different, featuring animated textures and added animations.

There are a few aspects of New State Mobile that one might notice, like an innovative HUD design as well as in-game gadgets and additional visual effects. The game’s gameplay is innovative and enjoyable and runs well on devices with 4 GB RAM when players utilize moderate settings.

2) Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile is not the most excellent Battle Royale game out there It is still in need of improvements to its Battle Royale mode. But with regard to the number of features it has, other games can’t compete with it. Because of its amazing game physics or gun mechanics, the game is a continuation of the series Call of Duty.

In addition, developers have ensured that players can play games’ content that is similar to different Call of Duty games. This means that you can play with many fan-favorite characters, weapons as well as maps from other series within COD Mobile. It also offers action that is high-octane, full of life, and is compatible with 4GB RAM phones.

The BR mode offers options such as Alcatraz, Warfare, Tank Battle and Sniper Challenge, alongside a Classic version. The game features strategic features like BR classes and airdrops, weapon upgrades, operator skills, and individual gun blueprints.

3) Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire is among the most played free-to-play survival shooting games in India. The game’s success was apparent through the rise of an YouTube scene which saw the rise of popular personalities such as Total Gaming, Gyan Gaming, Desi Gamers, and many more. In September 2021 Garena announced Free Fire’s MAX variant that offered the opportunity to compete with games such as BGMI.

The game has stunning graphic quality and is compatible with devices that are low-end. Furthermore it’s the MAX version has its servers shared alongside the game originally permitting Free Fire users to upgrade to the MAX version without having to create an account with a brand new one. This was beneficial to many players after Free Fire has been banned by India.

Since BGMI is banned in the United States, players have the option of choosing Free Fire MAX as a suitable alternative, particularly in the case of smartphones with 4GB RAM. Furthermore, BGMI gamers can derive an identical experience in gameplay with the same weapons along with exciting features such as the ability to gloo and character capabilities in this game.

4) Farlight 84

A relatively recent BR shooter called Farlight 84 can become an excellent BGMI alternative. It’s an underrated game that provides a full-on BR gameplay. Additionally, it comes with several modes to go with the well-known BR version.

Players can participate in the battle royale games of Farlight 84 on a deserted continent in which 60 players battle each other to determine who will be the ultimate winner. There’s also an array of guns throughout the map as well as a myriad of choices in terms of weapons. The map also has a variety of vehicles that can be used to traverse the island.

Farlight 84 also features exo-suits which can be used to help combat during matches. But the most notable characteristic is its stunning graphic design, which seems to have been inspired in part by Fortnite or PUBG Mobile/BGMI. But, it is important to note that there are issues such as glitches and stuttering within the game.

5) Apex Legends Mobile

The final item on the checklist comes from Apex Legends Mobile, which is identical to PUBG Mobile/BGMI. Similar to the Krafton-based BR shooters Apex Legends Mobile is also an adaption of an earlier BR shooter designed for consoles or PCs.

The game was developed in collaboration with Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile is a game that offers a surprisingly engaging experience that features high-quality graphics, similar to BGMI. Apex Legends’ BR mode offers realistic images and an engaging battle.

You can play a futuristic game that has players participating in different teams and the squad feature consisting of three members. The players can select their favorite Legend before stepping off an island to determine who is the last player or the last team standing.

Apex Legends Mobile offers a variety of Legend capabilities including modern weapons and health system and many more features that players can use to achieve better outcomes in a game. Like BGMI. Apex Legends Mobile runs well on the majority of 4GB RAM phones. However, because the game is relatively new, it will require some adjustments.

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