Top 5 memes of the week made by the GTA community

One of the major reasons that Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online remains alive and relevant almost 10 years after its initial launch is due to the incredible community that has always been open about all things related with the sport.

GTA Online players have also been extremely supportive of virtually all decisions Rockstar Games has made over the years. They have displayed their love and appreciation for the game through the creation of several Subreddits and YouTube Channels as well as Instagram accounts to help keep this game in play and expanding.

In honor of these captivating users, the article details the most popular memes that have emerged from GTA Online. GTA Online community this week.

Note: This piece of writing reflects the writer’s opinion as an individual.

These are our top five memes made from the GTA community and which are ranked

5) It’s been 9 years without an episode

This meme may be a cut-off for certain players since it refers to a specific anime show within GTA 5 that players can enjoy on television. It’s mainly just a crude mockery of anime and the anime world, and features a myriad of ridiculous plotlines that are hilarious by themselves.

It appears that this Reddit user clearly utilized this extensive GTA 5 knowledge to portray their superiority in comparison to the normal gamers who desire to enjoy GTA 6 for obvious reasons.

The meme clearly shows how aware members in GTA are. GTA community are, as well as the amount of time they’ve played GTA 5.

4.) GTA 6 Hacker after Leaking GTA 6:

This is an excellent meme that highlights not just the largest leak in gaming the past, it also hints at the popular TV program Better Call Saul, which has enjoyed a great deal of attention online because of the finale season.

The meme cleverly combines two of the most significant events that happened in the last month and applies them in a clever way Although those who haven’t watched the show might not be able to grasp the meaning behind the meme.

3.) Vice City Beach is more attractive

This meme posted from GTA Vice City fans shows their admiration for the graphic design of this classic Grand Theft Auto title, especially with the stunning way the beach is within the gameplay. Not surprisingly, to this Reddit person, it appears that the aesthetic of the beach in Vice City could have trumped the actual city.

Many of the fans have been influenced by this one since the beach has distinct atmosphere that is more peaceful and more serene than the chaos in cities.

The story is quite poetic, as numerous Grand Theft Auto Vice City players take a trip to the ocean for a day of relaxation and soak in unforgettable 3D graphics which have been able to hold their own pretty well in comparison to other games released this same time frame.

2) If Trevor quit Meth

Trevor is always a favorite character within the Grand Theft Auto community, whether it’s because of the dark humor he has or the way he expresses the every Grand Theft Auto player’s suppressed desires when they play the game.

This meme is an extremely funny twist on his appearance. It gives an image of what Trevor could look like had the meth addict stopped. It’s hilarious because Trevor’s look after quitting drugs appears more like an Chad rather than a maniac going on a killing spree.

In all likelihood, this version of Trevor’s face looks great and many users commented that the photo appears to be Michael from Vsauce. He is a popular meme world. This is why the dual-quality of the photo makes this meme a memorable one.

1.) An army of one man

The meme depicts the image of a Grand Theft Auto 4 cop shooting a gun at the tank. This should bring a smile to anyone, as the scenario seems absurdly unfair.

The cops who play Grand Theft Auto games definitely aren’t doing their best work because the character of the player is an immortal being that continually appears with more powerful tools to get them out. This is not just making players nostalgic but also highlighted the over-the-top nature of the series.

Additionally, many Reddit users noted that the policeman holds the gun in a horizontal position as is the way the gang members from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would hold their guns, making the meme even more entertaining.

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