Unlock Carlo Character In PUBG Mobile For Free? (3 Ways)

If you’re a PUBG Mobile player, you’ll be excited to hear that you can now unlock the Carlo character for free. This popular character was previously only available to those who made in-game purchases, but can now be yours simply by completing certain tasks.

In PUBG Mobile, the Carlo character can be unlocked for free by completing certain tasks. To start, head to the Settings menu and select the “Events” tab. From there, scroll down and find the Carlo challenge. Once you’ve completed the three challenges listed, you’ll unlock the character for free.

The first challenge is to get 50 kills in Classic mode. This can be done by playing any game mode and racking up kills until you reach 50. The second challenge is to deal 10,000 damage in Arena mode. This can be done by playing any of the Arena modes and dealing damage to enemies until you reach 10,000 total. The last challenge is to win 3 games of Squad Showdown. This mode can be found in the “Play” menu under “Squad Modes”.

Did you ever consider unlock Carlo Character from PUBG Mobile for free ? Perhaps you’ve given up because of a insufficient knowledge to accomplish this, right ? If so, then you’re at the right place right now. We’ll show the steps to get Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for no cost.

PUBG Mobile is dominating the gaming world at the moment. Due to the lockdown being in large parts in the globe and having little work to be done, the majority players are enrolled with PUBG Mobile. It’s more enjoyable when you can choose your preferred character to play the game.

There are usually five characters to play the game. The first is the default character. The second is Victor which is not locked to all users. The remaining three characters require unlocking. The other characters include Sara, Carlo and Andy. Andy is the most popular. Andy persona is the most recent one to be revealed.

What is the best way to unlock those characters?

PUBG Mobile gives special voucher to players at various occasions and it is known as a character voucher. Players can purchase characters with these vouchers.

Additionally, these characters can be unlocked through UC too. However, buying these characters through UC isn’t feasible for everyone.

  • Sara600 character vouchers or 600 UC
  • Carlo 800 UC or 1200 Character Vouchers
  • Andy 1,200 character vouchers or 600 U

How do I unlock Carlo Character in PUBG Mobile for free?

Everybody would like to have these characters for free without spending a dime. You may have even abandoned the idea after failing to find the best solution. We’ve found not one nor two, but three solutions to these problems.

1. Utilizing different Apps

We’ve already talked about in our previous article how you can earn free UC through various applications. It is easy to use these apps and earn free UC and end up with your favourite characters. The most trustworthy and reliable apps are mGamer App,

the dGamer app and the EZMoney application. Find out more about these apps here where payment proofs are also provided.

With these applications, you just need to do a couple of survey and tasks and the next thing you know, you’ll be awarded UCs. These UC to purchase royal passes spin, crate opening and numerous other things.

2. Bonus Challenge

PUBG Mobile has come out with numerous options. One of the most popular attributes can be Bonus Challenge. 

Bonus Challenge allows you to earn gratis UC through Bonus Challenge. Bonus Challenge is a simple feature of PUBG Mobile, where players can engage in different challenges and earn battle coins. 

These battle coins you will be able to get UC free. You can exchange 100 UC for each 1,000 battle coin.

For this challenge, players have to sign up to the challenge and receive an additional challenge voucher. You can sign up either for TDM matches , or even the traditional matches. For each kill in these matches you will be rewarded with a certain amount of battle coins. In the same way, if you win the match, you’ll be awarded with a large quantity of extra coins.

With the coins you earn you can earn enough UC and eventually, you will be able to get your preferred PUBG mobile character, such as Sara or Carlo or Andy.

3. Vouchers for Gathering Characters

The process longer however it’s worth. PUBG Mobile is often announcing with brand new challenges and challenges. In the majority of challenges and challenges they offer a certain amount of character tokens.

The challenges or events can include winning a set amount of matches, or killing specific enemies and numerous other. A few examples are provided below:

PUBG offers such promotions frequently, so keep checking the even section daily and attempt to complete the task. You will surely be able to collect the necessary amount of vouchers to purchase your preferred characters from the PUBG Mobile.


This article is about the method of unlocking Carlo the character on PUBG Mobile for free. You can employ one of these methods to have your favorite character free of lock. Follow us on the web for more exciting news and stories.

3 Ways: Unlock Carlo Character In PUBG Mobile For Free: FAQ

How do you get Carlo in PUBG for free?

It’s pretty easy to get Carlo in PUBG for free. All you have to do is log in to your account and then go to the store. From there, you can find the Carlo character and then select the “Get for Free” option. You’ll be able to use him in PUBG right away!

How do you unlock PUBG characters for free?

In the popular game PUBG, players have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different characters. Some of these characters are locked and require players to purchase them. However, there are ways that players can unlock these characters for free. This article will explain how to do this.

Who is the best character in PUBG?

Since its release in 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, has taken the world by storm.
The Battle Royale game pits 100 players against each other in a last-person-standing deathmatch on a large island.
While the map and weapons are important factors in the game, the characters are what really bring it to life.

What is cost of Carlo in PUBG?

In the online game PUBG, players can purchase in-game items such as clothes, weapons, and vehicles. One of the vehicles that players can buy is the Carlo, which costs 500 in-game currency units. This article will discuss the cost of the Carlo and whether or not it is worth the price.

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