7 best Magic Cube outfits to get in Free Fire MAX this month

Free Fire MAX provides an array of exciting in-game cosmetics players love to wear. These cosmetics are usually elegant outfits, weapons skins and characters, as well as emotes and pets. By using these accessories, gamers enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience.

With the latest updates, developers have added a new section to the store, dubbed”The Magic Cube bundle. Customers can earn cool outfit bundles using the aid of Magic Cubes that they can earn at various events and spins. The bundles that are available through the Magic Cube Store are rare and it is important to not miss out on opportunities to grab these bundles of clothes.

In this part we will discuss the top seven outfits for players using Magic Cubes Free Fire MAX.

7 incredible Magic Cube outfits to equip in Free Fire MAX

7) Doctor Scarlette Bundle

The Doctor Scarlette dress is among the most expensive and renowned outfits from the Maic Cube Store. The overall style of the costume is attractive and is perfect for female characters. If you’re using male characters, could opt for The Doctor Red outfit included in The Free Fire MAX.

The bundle comprises some of the items listed below:

  • Doctor Scarlette Top
  • Doctor Scarlette Bottom
  • Doctor Scarlette Head
  • Doctor Scarlette Shoes

6) Crazy Panda Bundle

The Crazy Panda Bundle is a great option for people seeking adorable outfits. The outfit bundle is one unit and does not come in separate components. The jacket and cap look stunning for any character that players are playing with on Free Fire MAX.

The game’s description says:

“Not likely to cause harm to anyone in these circumstances.”

5.) The Inking Affection Bundle

Inking Affection is among the most sought-after Free Fire MAX bundles available on the Magic Cube Store. This outfit pack is appropriate for those who play with female characters. The outfits come in golden and black shades and give them a classy style.

The bundle is comprised of these items:

  • Inking Affection Top
  • Inking Affection Bottom
  • Inking Affection Shoes
  • Inking Affection Head

4.) the Magma Bionic Bundle

The Magma Bionic Bundle is a great option for those who like bright clothes. The bundle also includes animations of the character which users can see the magma’s red glow in their left arm. The red and white theme of the outfit makes the overall appearance more attractive.

The bundle comprises these items:

  • Magma Bionic Top
  • Magma Bionic Bottom
  • Magma Bionic Shoes
  • Magma Bionic Head

3) Arcane Seeker Bundle

Arcane Seeker Bundle is another fantastic outfit option for those looking to swap the items on their Magic Cube. The bundle includes four different items, including a trendy cap with hair that is red. The bundle resembles the appearance of a hunter from the jungle, with the brown and black shades and a slick outfit.

The bundle is comprised of some of the items listed below:

  • Arcane Seeker Top
  • Arcane Seeker Bottom
  • Arcane Seeker Head
  • Arcane Seeker Shoes

2) Star Gazer Bundle

The other outfit bundle customers can buy through the Magic Cube store is the Star Gazer Bundle. The bundle of outfits is one of the most stunning choices available in the store. The blue and white theme of the bundle make the appearance stunning.

It is composed of the following elements:

  • Star Gazer Top
  • Star Gazer Bottom
  • Star Gazer Shoes
  • Star Gazer Head

1.) Night Clown Bundle

The most popular outfit bundle you can find out of the Magic Cube in the Free Fire MAX store is the Night Clown Bundle. It is designed to resemble the clown, and is to be very attractive. The mask is among the most beautiful elements of the set.

The bundle comprises these items:

  • Night Clown Head
  • Night Clown Top
  • Night Clown Pants
  • Night Clown Shoes

Note The unusualness of these brands is based on a lot of speculation and discussions in the Free Fire MAX community. This means that it could be based on a subjective view.

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