OP BNL’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and YouTube income 2024

Oussema Elliottoumi is a well-known Free Fire personality in the MENA region. He is also known as OP BNL and BNL. He is a Tunisian native and has been creating content for the game over the past few years.

BNL currently has 7.84 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His videos have received over 559.440,000,000 views. Here are details about OP BNL’s Free Fire MAX ID, and many more.

OP BNL’s Free Fire MAX ID stats

OP BNL’s Free Fire MAX ID number is 297929835. He is ranked Heroic for the Battle Royale mode, and Bronze for the Clash Squad.

Below are the stats that the player has as of today:

Stats for life

OP BNL has won 84 games, and played 1312 solo matches. This translates to a win rate 6.40%. He has 2634 kills as well as 713 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 2.14 and a headshot rate of 27.07%.

The content creator in duo mode has 792 appearances, 84 first-place finishes and a win rate 10.60%. He has 1452 kills, 309 headshots, a K/D ratio 2.05 and a headshot rate of 21.28%.

Oussema Elliottoumi has participated in 30778 team matches, winning on 4300 occasions. This equates to a win rate 13.97%. He has 104627 kills as well as 42932 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio 3.95 and a headshot rate of 41.03%.

Ranking stats

OP BNL played 317 Squad games in the current Battle Royale season. He has remained undefeated in 76 matches and maintained a 23.97% win rate. He has had 1192 kills and 761 headshots. This gives him a K/D ratio (4.95) and a headshot percentage (63.84%).

The YouTuber has never played any ranked solo, duo or team games.

CS Career

OP BNL has played 1562 Clash Squad games, and has won 1067 of them, which gives him a win rate in the game mode of 68.31%. He has a K/D ratio (2.48) and a headshot percentage (56.33%) with 12097 kills.

Note: OP BNL stats were updated at the time this article was written. These stats are subject to change as he continues playing more matches in Free Fire MAX.

BNL’s YouTube income

The YouTube income for OP BNL is between $692 and $11.1K. The channel’s projected annual income is between $8.3K to $133K. Source: Social Blade

YouTube channel

OP BNL’s content is based upon many aspects such as gameplay and more. Since June 2019, he has uploaded videos that focus on the game. The channel currently has more than 430 uploaded videos, with the most popular video having more than 13,000,000 views.

Social Blade reports that the channel of the content creator has attracted 20 thousand subscribers and 2.77million views over the past 30 days.

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