5 Best Premium Crate rewards in BGMI (Update February 2024)

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is famous for its realistic shooting game in BR. Like the global variant, this Indian version of PUBG Mobile also offers an array of weapons, maps, modes, and more. However, the gun mechanics and game physics stand out in the case of BGMI, which makes it a great mobile game.

However, the in-game features are not the only thing that attracts the attention of the fans, as there are a large number of item variations that one can get in BGMI. Players can access events, in-game store, and Royale Pass to get attractive in-game cosmetics. There are many ways in BGMI to obtain different items, and chests are among them.

The best Premium Crate rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India (February 2024)

Here are the best Battlegrounds Mobile India Premium Crate rewards that players can claim this month:

1) Easter Surprise Grenade

If players have additional coupons, the Easter-themed grenade wrap is a great collectible from Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Premium Crates. Easter Surprise Grenade has a chocolate candy-like texture with a green tattered gift wrap and yellow ribbon.

2) Cherry Crystal Backpack

Premium Crates have multiple backpack skins in the prize pool that feature beautiful designs. However, the Cherry Crystal leather has a unique pink color design that makes it stand out from the crowd. The crystal-like design is the highlight of the backpack in all three available levels.

3) Bunny Friends Set

After the beautiful backpack skin, the next bonus on the list is the Bunny Friends costume set, which is also hard to claim due to its rarity. The pink and white set has a fun allure due to bunny ears and carrots. Thus, Bunny Friends Set is the best choice if players want to look unique in a crowd.

4) Azure Battlecat Set

If players are into high-tech futuristic builds, they can choose Azure Battlecat Set. Any BGMI character can wear the blue and silver female outfit. Players can also access exclusive expressions along with the outfit.

5) Bunny Friends Helmet

Another interesting and fun thing to do on this list is the Bunny Friends Helmet. Protective leather is very attractive when combined with the previously mentioned clothing set in this list. The helmet features bunny ears in all three variants.

How to claim Premium Crate rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Players can get the rewards in Premium Crates randomly after spinning with UC. Normally, each role costs 60 coin units, opening 10 chests simultaneously at the price of 540 Unknown Cash. However, users can claim Premium Crate in BGMI at a discounted price of 18 UC at the moment.

Alternatively, players can use Premium Crate to get random rewards from the selected reward pool. Players can get these coupons by completing certain in-game missions via events or system achievements.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

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