How to get the new Mclaren 570s vehicle skin in PUBG Mobile

McLaren in pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile has announced its collaboration with the British supercar manufacturer McLaren through its Instagram account. PUBG Mobile has also been collaborating with different automotive companies in the past. Last year, the game announced a partnership with Yamaha, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, where the MWT-9 and T7 concepts were included in the game as vehicle skins.

The collaboration has been one of the most anticipated among players around the world. Even though PUBG Mobile has done many other collaborations before, this has surely become gossip amongst gamers as it has even toned down the ongoing collaboration between Godzilla and Kong.

Therefore, starting June 1, 2021, players participating in the event can receive a McLaren 570S skin, along with various exciting in-game gifts and coupons. The event will be available until June 30. With this, the game will also feature multiple variants of the supercar.

There is a total of 6 McLaren 570S skins that are up for grabs throughout the event:

  • McLaren 570S (Pearlescent)
  • McLaren 570S (Lunar White)
  • McLaren 570S (Zenith Black)
  • McLaren 570S (Glory White)
  • McLaren 570S (Raspberry)
  • McLaren 570S (Royal Black)

How to get the new McLaren vehicle skin in PUBG Mobile?

To get the new PUBG Mobile McLaren Vehicle Skin, players simply need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Fire up PUBG Mobile.
  • Navigate to the McLaren Drift event.
  • Tap on the Start Acceleration button positioned at the bottom right-hand corner to start the spin.

Please note that a total of 90 CU will be deducted from the player’s account for each spin.

Each successful acceleration includes the following awards:

  • x15 Lucky Voucher
  • x5 Lucky Voucher
  • Extreme Adventure Backpack
  • Viper Assassin Mask
  • Space Mascot Headpiece
  • Viper Assassin Crossbow
  • Lucky Cat Parachute
  • Star Guardian Headpiece
  • Viper Assassin M24
  • Space Mascot M762
  • Viper Assassin Set
  • Space Mascot Set
  • McLaren 570S Lunar White
  • McLaren 570S Zenith Black
  • Lucky Medal
  • Star Guardian Headpiece
  • Guardian Spirit Ornament
  • Star Guardian Set

Players can use the Lucky Badge to earn all 6 McLaren skins by upgrading them consecutively.

It is also worth noting that the probability of a successful acceleration is 20%, while the probability of a failed acceleration is 80%.

Pubg McLaren skin

pubg mclaren price

PUBG Mobile x McLaren is live; Check out the event details and new vehicle skins – PUBG Mobile has been teasing its collaboration with British supercar maker McLaren. As part of the great collaboration, many variants of the supercar have been introduced to the battlefields.

Starting June 1, various models of the supercar will be introduced as acquirable in-game skins. In the main image, you can see that the new McLaren skin is taking over a car that looks quite like the new Coupe RB vehicle in PUBG Mobile. As the McLaren vehicle also carries two people at a time, the new McLaren supercar is presented as a Coupe RB Skin. The vehicle skin also comes with a “waiting lobby animation” and skin owners will be able to get off the plane with the McLaren supercar instead of a parachute.

PUBG Mobile McLaren Drift Spin: Total Cost?

Six different variants of the supercar will be presented at the event called McLaren Drift. Players can use UC (Unknown Cash) or tokens to earn all the rewards from this event, including McLaren skins.

To get the desired McLaren look from the McLaren Drift twist, players must be ready to spend a minimum of 35,000 UC at least. If you’re not so lucky, this could go up to 80,000 CU as well.

Have a look at the skins from PUBG Mobile x McLaren Collaboration

Details about the collaboration were posted a month ago by ShubhGamerz on YouTube. These are the skins that are currently in the global version of PUBG Mobile.

  • 1 McLaren 570S (Raspberry)

While PUBG Mobile has done many collaborations before, this has certainly become the talk of the town now by overshadowing the ongoing collaboration between Godzilla and Kong. On the other hand, Garena Free Fire, the most downloaded mobile game of 2019 and 2020, has also announced a collaboration with the same supercar manufacturer, McLaren. Like PUBG Mobile, they will also feature the supercar in their Battle Royale.

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