PUBG Mobile: PMGC 2023 begins on November 22

Tencent has announced they will be hosting the third installment of the Global Championship, i.e. PMGC 2023, will be held. PMGC 2023, will be in the period between November 22 through January 23rd of 2023. The top teams from around the world will battle to win the coveted trophy as well as a the huge prize pool.

In 2019, Tencent as well as Krafton will create two international events that include The PMWI ($3M) as well as the PMGC ($4M) which will have an incredible prize total in the amount of $7.9 million. This year’s PMWI 2023 will be a LLAN event held that will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that will be held in August.

PUBG Mobile has cut the prize pool for the PMGC 2023 edition from $6 million to just $2 million in comparison to the previous edition.

PUBG Mobile players are participating within their region PMPL Fall to strengthen their PMGC ranking and the best teams will be invited to the next Global Championship.

Tencent offers four slots to China in PMGC 2023.

Tencent announced that 4 teams from China will participate at the Global Championship, which was shocking news for everyone PUBG Mobile players. China is the Chinese region has been the dominant player in the whole PUBG Mobile esports scene over the last three years. In actual fact, Chinese team Nova Esports was the winner of both previous editions the PMGC.

Peacekeeper Elite (PEL) is a prestigious tournament. Peacekeeper Elite (PEL) is an extremely prestigious Game For Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) tournament hosted by Tencent each year. It has a the largest prize pool, as well as an extremely difficult structure.

The summer time of the PEL 2023 is in full swing and will end on the 21st of August. The winner of the tournament will be able to participate at the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals, and teams placed second and third will be able to advance onto the League Stage of the PMGC. The last slot in China will be decided in a special qualifiers tournament that is scheduled to be held later in the year.

But, Tencent will not announce how many slots available and structure that will be used for the Global Championship. Teams participating in the regional competition, PMPL, will qualify for the event based on their PMGC ranking and championships.

Rico Infinity (R8 Esports) is the latest team to earn a spot on the PMGC 2023 list based on The PMPL Arabia ranking (PMPL AR Spring and Fall). The PMPL Season of Fall is currently underway in a variety of regions.

Krafton and Tencent have not revealed the procedure for the selection process for Indian team for PMGC 2023. However, during an announcement about the BGMI road map, it was announced that the team with the highest score will be representing India at the Global Championship.

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